The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2904

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2904-James’ Emperor Rank alchemy furnace had created a commotion, and even Myrddin, a Divine Rank alchemist, was stunned.He never expected there to be an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace in the Stardust Realm.

It was simply too terrifying.

After some time, he collected himself, stood up, and walked toward James.

Standing before James, he gazed at the levitating alchemy furnace before him.

As he gazed at the mysterious symbols and inscriptions on the bronze-colored alchemy furnace, his mind wandered off elsewhere as he drifted off to the world of the mysterious symbols.

After some time, he collected himself and praised, “What a mysterious Alchemy Way and inscription! This is unbelievable! With such an alchemy furnace, what elixir can you not concoct?”

Though he was a Divine Rank alchemist, he understood that the inscription and Alchemy Way inscribed on the alchemy furnace were simply too far beyond his reach.

He turned around and greeted James respectfully, “Master.”

At that moment, tossing aside the pride of a Divine Rank alchemist, Myrddin greeted James respectfully.

James was momentarily taken aback.

After some time, he collected himself and said, “Please don’t call me that, Sir.I wouldn’t dare claim to be above you.”

Myrddin smiled.He believed himself to be too abrupt.He looked at James and asked, “My friend, who’s your master?”

“My master?” James froze.

Then, he smiled and said, “My master is called Jabari, Emperor Jabari.”


Myrddin racked his brains but could not recall any person of this name.

There was no one called Jabari in the Boundless Realm if his memory served him right.He thought about it and said, “Perhaps I’ve been ignorant.”

James smiled and asked, “Is something else the matter? If not, please leave this place for now.I’d like to begin the concoction process.”

“Oh, sorry for interrupting you.”

Unwilling to bother James any further, Myrddin turned to leave.

After he left, James took a deep breath.

Since this was the first time he was performing alchemy in front of so many alchemists, he would have to do his best.

With that thought in mind, he catalyzed a cultivation method, and the Fire Genesis inside his body created a flame.

The flame circulated throughout his body and materialized in his palm following the path of its meridians.

Then, a white flame appeared in the palm of his hand.

The flame was radiant and transparent.

Immediately, this puzzled many alchemists.

That was because they had never seen a white flame before.

“What is this flame?”

“It looks a little threatening.”

“I don’t know.I’ve never seen one like this before.But since he has such a mysterious alchemy furnace, his flames must be unique.”

No one knew anything about James’ flame, even Myrddin.He could only sense that James’ flame was n.ovelebook pure and concentrated, and it carried an ancient power.

As he stared at it, he noticed mysterious inscriptions circulating throughout the flame.He took a deep breath once more.

“Unbelievable…This is unbelievable.”

Myrddin was stunned.

Under normal circumstances, things that were related to inscriptions would not be anything ordinary.He could not believe there was such a mysterious person in the Stardust Realm.

Such a figure might not even be found even in the Medicine Pavilion, the largest force in the whole of the Boundless Realm.


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