The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2905

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2905-James paid no heed to the others’ gazes and concentrated on the herbs he chose.

As he casually waved his hand, a herb flew into the alchemy furnace.

The moment the herb entered the alchemy furnace, the formation inscribed on the furnace was immediately activated.

Some mysterious inscriptions materialized to form threads of golden lines that enveloped the herb.

When the formation activated, the herb was enveloped by the mysterious inscription.

At that moment, James could clearly sense every component of the herb as he began catalyzing Genesis True Fire.He planned to use the flames of the Genesis True Fire to refine the herb.

Originally, he should not be able to concoct an elixir at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Grade with his alchemy level.

However, with the Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, he could do so easily.

Soon, the components of the first herb were fully extracted.

“A piece of cake.”

James breathed a sigh of relief.

With the Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, there was nothing else he was afraid of.He began refining the second herb.His control of the flames was impeccable, and the entire process was smooth and without any flaws.

Soon, all the herbs had been fully refined.

Meanwhile, his extraction technique was so advanced that even Myrddin was dumbfounded.

The other alchemists also had their mouths agape.

James began the merging process of the elixir.

Through the burning of the Genesis True Fire, the extracted herb powder slowly merged.

At the same time, mysterious symbols materialized from the Formation on the alchemy furnace and merged with the elixir.

Soon, the process was complete.

A handful of golden elixirs appeared in the alchemy furnace.

They were the size of a thumb, and each of them glimmered a golden light.

There were even mysterious lines on the surface of the elixir.

At that moment, every alchemist stopped what they were doing and looked at James at the same time.

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, James slowly retrieved the elixirs from the alchemy furnace.

Unable to suppress the urge any longer, Myrddin hurriedly rushed over to James’ side and said, “My friend, may I have a look at the elixir?”

James casually handed him one.

Myrddin accepted the elixir and scrutinized it in his hand.

Upon seeing the lines on the surface of the elixir, he exclaimed, “As expected of an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace! To think that a mere herb at the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Grade can be concocted into a Divine Rank elixir.How magical! How unbelievable! Legend has it that the Emperor Rank alchemy furnace has magical powers.I never expected it to be true!”

At that moment, he looked at the surrounding alchemists and said, “Stop what you’re doing right this instant.The tournament is over.He has won.”

Then, he looked at James and asked, “My friend, what is your name?”

James said smilingly, “I’m James Caden.”

Myrddin announced, “James Caden has won the Alchemy Tournament.Now, he’ll represent the Stardust Realm to participate in the Medicine Pavilion’s examination.”

Since James was able to concoct a Divine Rank elixir just by using a herb at the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Grade, Myrddin had no need to look at the elixirs concocted by the other alchemists.

The others were dismayed.

The woman in a pink dress was frustrated, yet there was nothing she could do.

There was quite a huge gap between her and James.

Without an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, she could not concoct a Divine Rank elixir by using a Sage Rank herb.

Daley walked over to James with a smile, “How impressive, James! I never thought that you’d be able to concoct a Divine Rank elixir. n.ovelebook As the representative of the Stardust Realm, you’ll surely join the Medicine Pavilion and become a disciple there.Heck, you might even be held in high regard there.”

“What do you know?”

Myrddin chided him, “With James’ mastery of alchemy and the Emperor Rank alchemy furnace in his possession, even the Master of the Medicine Pavilion will have to welcome him respectfully.”

“Yes, of course,”

Daley immediately said, “Please pardon my ignorance.”


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