The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2908

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2908-Daley had no idea whether reincarnation existed in this world.

Everything he knew about the Reincarnation Pond was legends passed down from long ago.

As such, he could not be sure about their authenticity.

The only thing he knew was that Melinda possessed immense potential.

“Can you take me to the Reincarnation Pond?” James was interested in the Reincarnation Pond.

Since he had traveled to the past and had ample time to search for the Ancestral God elixir, not to mention that the Elixir Pavilion’s examination would only begin three thousand years in the future, he had nothing else to do at the moment.

“Sure.” Daley did not turn down his request.

With Daley’s guidance, James left Stardust City.

Stardust City was huge.

Even with his current strength, James could not hope to traverse such a huge distance.So, he could only rely on the Teleportation Formation, which even Daley the Lord of the Stardust Realm, used.

After arriving at another city, Daley brought James into a mountain range.

After traversing for many days, they arrived at an abandoned ruin.

There were all sorts of shattered stones on the ground caused by the collapse of the magnificent buildings here.

Soon, they arrived at the Reincarnation Pond.

“we’re here.”

Daley pointed at a deep hole in front of them.

James turned to look and saw only an abandoned ruin.

Before him was a hole a hundred meters in depth, and there was only multicolored soil in the hole.

There were even some shattered tiles in the soil.

In the surroundings, some rocks were long shattered.

James scanned his surroundings.He could tell that this place was a huge altar long ago.

However, it had been long destroyed.

“That’s it?”

James looked at the ruins and asked, “Is this the Reincarnation Pond you mentioned?”


Daley nodded and said, “This place is full of legends.One of them states that long ago, this was a Holy Site of some extremely powerful forces.For some unknown reason, everything was destroyed.”

“So Melinda Yisroel walked out of this abandoned ruin?” James asked puzzledly.

Daley nodded and said, “Yes.

Back then, I was in the midst of a closed-door meditation.

However, I sensed that something was extraordinary about this place, and I hurried here to have a look.”He was reminiscing.

“This was an abandoned ruin long forgotten by all.As countless years passed, this place has been turned inside out many times.However, when I arrived, there was multicolored water in the hole.Then, an infant slowly floated out of the war.What was magical was that the water disappeared after the infant appeared, and that infant is Melinda.That’s how I know that she’s no ordinary person.All these years, not once have I revealed her true identity.In this world, only you apart from me know of this secret.”

Daley looked at James pleadingly and said, “James, Melinda is no ordinary person.She must have a long history.Since she refuses to marry the Young Master of the Overworld, she must have her reasons.I beg of you to help her and the Stardust Realm.”

James had heard of many bizarre events before.

However, this was the first time he had heard of something this unbelievable.

After brief contemplation, he asked, “Can I visit Melinda?”

“Of course, she’s currently in Stardust City.”

Then, Daley brought James back to Stardust City.

In the courtyard of the City Lord’s Mansion…It was a restricted area where no living being n.ovelebook could trespass without the Lord’s permission.

There was a sea of flowers in the courtyard.

In the sea of flowers, there was a gazebo, in which sat a woman.

She was wearing a white dress and had long black hair.

On the table was a harp.

She was playing the harp, and the melodious sound of the instrument reverberated throughout the area.


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