The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2909

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2909-Upon his arrival, James immediately heard the sound of a harp.

The sound was melodious and pleasing to the ears.

Yet, there was a hint of melancholy and solitude in the music.

As Daley walked toward Melinda, he called out to her, “Melinda.”

The music stopped abruptly as Melinda stood up.

As she looked at the approaching Daley and James, her gaze was fixed on the latter.

An indiscernible smile crept up on her glamorous-looking face.

“Father, ” Melinda turned to look at Daley and greeted him.Her voice was sweet and melodious.

James looked at Melinda, the girl with unknown origins.

She was gorgeous.

Not only did she have a perfect figure, but her features were fine and delicate, and not a single flaw could be found.

James was in awe at her beauty for he had never seen anyone as beautiful as her.

Seeing that James was staring at her, Melinda did not act embarrassed.

Instead, she smiled calmly and confidently asked, “Had your fill?”

When she smiled, two shallow dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth, which were enchanting.

Realizing his rudeness, James apologized, “Pardon my lack of decorum.”

Daley introduced James with a smile, “Melinda, this is James.He’s a powerful alchemist.Though you have been indoors the whole time, you must have heard of the Alchemy Tournament.He’s the one who won first place.”

Melinda nodded slightly and responded, “Mhm.”

“Feel free to get to know the other better.I’ll be taking my leave.”

Then, Daley turned to leave.

After he left, Melinda pointed to a stone chair beside her and said, “Don’t be so formal.Come and have a seat.”

Once James took a seat, he scrutinized her.

“Is there something on my face?” Melinda asked with a smile.


James shook his head slightly and said, “I’m merely curious about you.”

Melinda smiled and asked, “What is there to be curious about me?”

After brief contemplation, James said, “I heard that you walked out of the Reincarnation Pond.”

Melinda froze momentarily before saying with a smile, “My father’s the only one who knows this secret.All these years, he never told a living soul.I never expected him to trust you so much that he would reveal the secret to you.”

Her words revealed a great deal of information.

Back then, Daley had told James that only he knew of this secret.

That meant even Melinda was not in the know.

Now, she revealed her knowledge of the events that occurred.

There was only a single explanation for this.

This meant that she had memories of when she was an infant.

Or perhaps, she reincarnated along with those memories.

“D-Did you really reincarnate from a powerful figure of the Primeval Age?” James was shocked.

Melinda did not reply.

Instead, she simply stared at James.

Seeing this, James was feeling a little embarrassed.

“Why are you staring at me?”

Melinda shook her head slightly and said, “I-It’s nothing.I just never thought that I’d meet you so soon. n.ovelebook I never expected the current you to be so weak.It appears that I may have arrived at the wrong time.”

James was dumbfounded.

“What do you mean by meeting me so soon? “Have we met before? “What do you mean that I’m weak?” James asked a series of questions.

Melinda did not answer him and instead changed the subject, asking, “May I play a melody for you?”


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