The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2910

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2910-Melinda could not care less whether James was willing to listen to her melody.

As she took a seat, she placed her slender fingers on the harp, gently plucking the strings of the harp.

At that moment, a melodious tune reverberated throughout the area.

James was an unrefined brute who had no appreciation for music whatsoever.

Even so, he could tell that the tune was melodious.

From the sound of the harp, he could also sense melancholy and sadness.

Soon, the song came to an end.

Melinda stopped and glanced at James, clearing her throat and saying, “Since you don’t have any more business here, please leave.”

She ordered James to leave.

James said, “I heard from Lord Daley that the Young Master of the Overworld had taken a liking to you.For your sake, the Overworld is about to invade the Stardust Realm.Does the Overworld know about your past and that you were reincarnated?”

Melinda smiled and said, “The so-called Young Master of the Overworld is only interested in my beautiful appearance.No matter how beautiful I am now, I’ll be reduced to a pile of bones with time.No one is immortal, and none shall escape death.Everyone will die eventually, it’s just a matter of time.”

“I see that you’re looking on the bright side,” James said with a faint smile.

“Please leave.”

Melinda pointed in the distance.

James had no plans to leave.

This woman by the name of Melinda was full of mystery.Her previous words confused him.

This woman seemed to have met him before and was here specifically for him.

However, she refused to reveal any information.

Since Melinda refused to divulge anything, James did not inquire further.

He stood up and clasped his fists, saying, “Farewell.”

Thent, he turned to leave.

After he left, Melinda stood up and watched James’ retreating figure.

There was a hint of worry on her impeccable face.

Daley had been waiting outside the courtyard.

Seeing that James was out so soon, he hurriedly walked over to him and asked with a smile, “So, how did the conversation go?”

James glanced at him and asked coldly, “What are you trying to imply?”


Daley shook his head and handed a token to him, saying, “This is the token issued by the Elixir Pavilion.There’s only a single one in the entire Stardust Realm.With the token, you can now enter the Holy Realm, the biggest world of the Boundless Realm, and participate in the discipleship examination of the Elixir Pavilion.”

James accepted the token and scrutinized it.

The token was yellow, and the word ‘elixir’ was carved on one side of the token.

On the other side, there was a picture of a flower.

The token felt heavy in his possession.He stored the token away.

Since there were three n.ovelebook thousand more years till the discipleship examination, he had ample time.

Now, the only thing he was worried about was Thea.

He came here alongside her, but she had disappeared without a trace.

He left the City Lord’s Mansion and returned to his accommodation.

The moment he stepped into the courtyard, a melodious voice greeted him, “Master, you’re back.”

James looked at Yevpraksiya and nodded slightly, “Mhm.”

He did not say much and returned straight to his room.

After returning to his room, he began asking the Spirit Tool inside the Celestial Abode.


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