The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2911

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2911-“Spirit Tool, where do you think Thea is at the moment?”

The Spirit Tool said, “Hard to say.The River of Time is terrifying.It is connected to the past, present, and future.In normal circumstances, no one can pass through the River of Time.However, as wisdom knows no boundaries, humans have managed to invent many treasures that go against the Heavenly Path.The treasures allow one to return to the past or travel into the future as they please.Even so, accidents may occur during the transportation process.My theory is that Xandros doesn’t know much about the Time Capsule, and thus couldn’t control time accurately.This caused you to be separated from Thea.She might have arrived at the Boundless Realm at a different time.”

Hearing this, James fell silent.

After some time, he asked, “If Thea arrived at a time ten thousand years earlier than mine, does that mean that we’ll meet after she spends ten thousand years in the Boundless Realm?”

The Spirit Tool said, “Theoretically, yes.

“However, everything is relative.You and she traveled through time at the same time.If she arrives at this place ten thousand years earlier than you, she should currently be ten thousand years ago.Ten thousand years later, though she would arrive at your time, you would already be at a time ten thousand years in the future.”

“Wait, that’s not right,”

James rebuffed him, “I only appeared at the Boundless Realm now.After waiting here for ten thousand years, Thea should already be at the same time as me.Naturally, she’ll be able to meet me here.”

James’ theory confused the Spirit Tool.

“I don’t know about this.I don’t understand much about the passage of time, nor have I traveled in the Time Capsule.However, what you just said should theoretically be possible.As long as nothing goes wrong for Thea, she’ll arrive at the current timeline and meet you no matter whether she was sent ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years, or even a million years, into the past.However, if Thea arrives ten thousand years in the future, you’ ll have to wait to see her.Or maybe you could travel through time once more and head to ten thousand years later in the future.”

James and the Spirit Tool had a brief conversion.

After talking for some time, James was beginning to get confused.

“This is too complicated.Let’s take one step at a time.”

Though she was worried about Thea, James had no idea what to do now that it had come to this.

He could only take one step at a time and refrain from letting his thoughts run wild.

Since he still had three thousand years, he would use the time to cultivate.

The Boundless Realm had no boundaries, and in this magical world, providence and opportunities were abundant.

James ’ current strength was too weak; he had yet to even cross into the Divine Rank.

On Earth, he was considered one of the strongest.

However, in the whole universe, he was insignificant.So, he would seize the opportunity and cultivate well.He planned to head to the Holy Realm, the largest world in the Boundless Realm.

Since the Stardust Realm was already so huge and spacious, he was curious to see what the Holy Realm looked like.

However, before he left, he needed to bid farewell to Daley.

After leaving the manor, he headed back to the City Lord’s Mansion n.ovelebook and looked for Daley.

“Hey, why are you back here again, James? Is something the matter? Come, have a seat.” Upon James’ arrival, Daley greeted him respectfully.

James took a seat.

Some servants walked out with plates of high-quality celestial berries and placed them on the table.

James did not hold back.

He simply grabbed a plateful of celestial berries and swallowed them whole.

At the same time, he said, “I’m planning to head to the Holy Realm.”


Daley nodded and said, “Well, you only have three thousand years left, after all.It’s a good thing to start soon.James, I leave the Stardust Realm in your hands.If you manage to join the Elixir Pavilion, you must seek their protection.Only the Elixir Pavilion can apply pressure on the Overworld and prevent them from acting recklessly.”

“Definitely.” James nodded.

Though he had no feelings toward the Stardust Realm whatsoever, since he was here, it meant that he had some sort of connection with this place.


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