The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2913

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2913-Meanwhile, Daley returned to the Stardust Realm.

At the City Lord’s Mansion’s courtyard in Stardust City, Melinda was sitting in the gazebo playing the harp.

The melodious tune of the harp reverberated throughout the region.

Daley walked over to her and knelt on one knee.

Melinda paid no heed to him and continued playing the harp.

Soon, the song came to an end.

Then, she glanced at Daley and asked while wearing a composed expression on her face, “How did it go?”

Daley said, “He has left the Stardust Realm.”

“Very good.”

Melinda nodded slightly and waved her hand casually, saying, “Alright, you’re dismissed for now.”


Daley turned to leave.

If any outsider were to gaze upon this scene, they would surely be stunned.

As the Lord of the Stardust Realm, Daley was the most powerful individual here, yet he was kneeling before a young girl.

Melinda stood up and gazed at the sky.

The image of James and Yevpraksiya appeared in her pupils.

Wearing a look of consternation on her face, she murmured to herself, “You’re still too weak, James.I’ll wait for you to truly grow.”

At that moment, James had entered space.

“Master,” Yevpraksiya said.


James stopped and glanced at her, asking, “What’s wrong?”She asked, “Where’s your Saucer, Master?”


James froze and asked, “What’s that?”

Yevpraksiya froze momentarily.

After a few seconds, she asked, “Are you planning to fly to the Holy Realm without a Saucer?”

“why? Is something wrong?” James asked puzzledly.

Yevpraksiya was at a loss for words.

The journey to the Holy Realm was long.

With James’ current strength, he would not be able to reach his destination even ina million years.

Yevpraksiya looked at James and asked seriously, “Master, do you really not know about this or are you simply messing around with me?”

James thought about it and believed that he must have been ignorant about how things worked here.

“Yevpraksiya, feel free to speak your mind.”

Yevpraksiya said, “The journey to the Holy Realm is distant.We need to travel through vast spaces.With our strength, we won’t be able to reach the Holy Realm even in a million years.”


James was stunned.

Yevpraksiya continued, “A Saucer is essential to travel through space.Not only that, but it must be a saucer that’s equipped with the ability to leap through time and space.”James asked, “Do you have a Saucer then?”

She shook her head and said, “How could I? I’m only an insignificant person.Besides, I don’t have the right to possess one. no.velebook Why don’t we turn back and ask Lord Daley for one?”

James thought about it and said, “Never mind.Let’s not turn back, and instead think of a way ourselves.”

Since James still had three thousand years left, he had ample time.Since he did not have a Saucer, he would simply earn some money to purchase one.

This was considered a form of training as well.He pulled out his map and tried reading it.

However, unable to recognize anything on the map, he handed it to Yevpraksiya and asked, “How long more till we reach the next world?”

Holding the map in her hand, Yevpraksiya said, “The closest world to the Stardust Realm is the Heavenly River Realm.With our strength, we’ll arrive there in three months.”


James nodded and said, “In that case, we’ll head over to the Heavenly River Realm first and find a way to acquire a Saucer.”


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