The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2918

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2918-There were a few hundred alchemists in front of James waiting in line for their elixirs to be validated. These alchemists were all rogue cultivators. After concocting their elixirs, they wanted to sell them and came to the Elixir Pavilion as they would be offered the most profitable option. Among pills of the same grade, the Elixir Pavilion offered the fairest prices.

The validation took a long time. Even as a day passed, it was not yet James ‘turn.

“We’ll end here today. Come back tomorrow morning.”

Seeing that James was about to have his turn, the young alchemist from before returned. Looking at the queue, he left a remark and turned to leave.

Hearing this, James was displeased. He had waited for a whole day. Now, the alchemist was telling him to come again tomorrow?

“Hold it right there,” he called out to the alchemist.

The alchemist turned around and glanced at James. As a faint smile crept up on his face, he walked toward him and asked smilingly, “What did you say just now? Are you demanding me to hold it right there?” “Yes,” James said coldly, “I have waited for a whole day. Now that it’s almost my turn, you’re asking me to return?” “Yes,” the man said arrogantly, “Something unexpected came up for our appraiser, and he had to leave all of a sudden.”

At that moment, a young man walked out of the appraisal room. He looked around twenty-five years of age. He was wearing a golden robe, on which the word ‘elixir* was engraved. He was also wearing a badge on his chest.

‘What’s all the commotion about?”

There was a hint of displeasure on his somewhat handsome-looking face.

The young alchemist approached him and greeted him respectfully, “The most revered Master Songkla, this guy told me that he has been waiting for a whole day and demanded that you appraise his elixir immediately.”

Songkla glanced at James and said arrogantly, “The session is over today.

Come again tomorrow morning.”

At that moment, Yevpraksiya whispered in James’ ear, “Mr. Caden, he’s an alchemist at the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Grade.”

Hearing this, James chuckled.

“An alchemist at the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Grade is not qualified to appraise my elixir. Do you have any other appraisers here?” James said coldly.

His words infuriated Songkla.

However, before Songkla could open his mouth to retort, the young alchemist walked toward James and chided him, “Who do you think you are, you insignificant creature? What do you mean he has no right to appraise your elixir? Do you know who Master Songkla is? He’s a true disciple of the Elixir Pavilion.”

James was a prodigy from Earth who had encountered even Grand Emperors. Now that a mere nobody was rebuking him, he was enraged. He raised his arm, and powerful force materialized in his palm. Instantly, the young alchemist was sent flying and crashed heavily against the wall of the appraisal room. However, since the walls were sturdy, they were not destroyed.

Many alchemists were lining up behind James waiting for their elixirs to be appraised. Seeing that James resorted to violence, they all had looks of anticipation on their faces.

This was the Elixir Pavilion. He must have a death wish to resort to violence here.

The moment James resorted to violence, a few hundred guards charged toward him and surrounded him.

Songkla’s face darkened as he said coldly, “Take him.” ‘Who dares?” James roared, and the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword appeared in his hand. As the aura of a Grand Emperor Rank weapon permeated the air, the guards froze. As ordinary guards, they had never seen an Imperial Weapon before. As the aura of the Imperial Weapon was too terrifying, none dared act impulsively.

Even Songkla was dumbfounded.

As a disciple of the Elixir Pavilion, he was somewhat knowledgeable.

Though he had no idea what weapon was in James’ hand, he could sense that the purple sword exuded a frightening power.

‘Wh-What rank is this weapon?”


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