The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2919

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2919-“What terrifying pressure.” “Faced against this weapon, I feel like I’m facing off against a powerful individual.” “This is too terrifying.”

The alchemists in the queue all staggered backward.

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, James scanned his surroundings. Glaring at Songkla, he grunted and said, “I came here due to the Elixir Pavilion’s prestige. If I had known, I wouldn’t have come here.” “Who’s there making a commotion?”

A cold voice came.

“My Lady.” Upon seeing the person who spoke, Songkla hurriedly walked toward her. The arrogant expression on his face disappeared as he greeted her respectfully.

James turned around and saw it was a young lady around twenty years of age. Wearing a multicolored dress, her appearance was beautiful, and she had a slender figure. There was also a glimmering badge on her chest.

Seeing this, Yevpraksiya whispered, “Be careful, Mr. Caden. She’s a Divine Rank alchemist.”

James knew that she must be the manager of this elixir pharmacy. He glanced at her and asked coldly, “Who calls the shots around here?”

Meanwhile, the woman’s gaze was fixed on the Divine Sword in James’ hand. She was stunned when she saw the sword.

“A-An Imperial Weapon?”

Yuina Daniela came from the Holy Realm. She came here to the Heavenly River Realm fortraining purposes and temporarily managed the elixir pharmacy here upon her arrival.

An Imperial Weapon was rare, so much so that even a Grand Emperor might not even have one in his possession. To create an Imperial Weapon, the materials needed were too rare. As such, even Grand Emperors could not find them easily. Moreover, this Imperial Weapon was in the hands of a young man.

James put the Divine Sword away.

Yuina collected herself and glanced at James, saying, “I call the shots around here.” “Very well.”

James said, “I came here solely to sell my elixir. I need an appraiser to appraise my elixir. However, his alchemy level is too low. Thus, he has no right to appraise my elixir.”

James pointed at Songkla and narrated the chain of events that unfolded.

“After waiting for a whole day, he demanded me to return tomorrow morning after saying that he has business to attend to all of a sudden. That guy even provoked me. Surely I have all the right to teach him a lesson?”

James pointed at the other alchemist.

Yuina glanced at Songkla and said coldly, “Write me a self-reflection report.”

Then, she looked at James and apologized, “I’m truly sorry. I never expected this to happen in my shop. Since you wish to have your elixir appraised, would you like me to do the appraisal?” “That sounds more like it.”

James smiled faintly. He did not wish to look for trouble either. However, this was the only way to lure the one who called the shots out.

“Please follow me.”

Yuina beckoned.

Then, she took James to an office on the topmost floor.

The door of the office was guarded.

Yuina entered the office, and James followed suit.

As Yevpraksiya knew that Yuina was an influential figure, she took the hint and refrained from entering the office as well. Instead, she waited patiently outside.


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