The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2920

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2920-Yuina’s office was huge, and the decorations inside were ancient. She took a seat and gestured at a nearby chair, signaling for James to take a seat as well.

James sat down.

Yuina, on the other hand, scrutinized James from head to toe.

There were many Grand Emperors in the Boundless Realm. However, there were only a few Imperial Weapons out there. At that moment, she racked her brains, contemplating which Imperial Weapon was the purple sword. However, no matter how much she contemplated, she could not figure out to which Grand Emperor did James’ Imperial Weapon belong. Even so, she knew that James was no ordinary person.

“What’s your name? You don’t look like you’re from around here.” Yuina asked with a smile. Her smile was enchanting, with shallow dimples at the corners of her mouth. Wearing a dress, she crossed her legs, letting the hem slide to the edge of her thigh and revealing her slender, fair legs.

“My name’s James Caden. Since I’m an insignificant nobody, it’s not surprising that you haven’t seen me before.” “Is that so?” Yuina smiled faintly and said, “An insignificant nobody with an Imperial Weapon in his possession?” “I’m here to sell my elixir,” James told her his objective for being here.

“Hello, James. My name’s Yuina Daniela. I’m the manager of this elixir pharmacy,” Yuina introduced herself.

James nodded slightly.

Yuina said, “May I have a look at the elixir you’re selling?”

James took out the Elixir of Reversal you concocted previously and casually tossed it to her.

Upon seeing the elixir, Yuina was invigorated. As a Divine Rank alchemist, she could tell that this was a Divine Rank elixir of high quality. Though it was a Divine Rank elixir, no ordinary Divine Rank alchemist could concoct it. There were mysterious Elixir Inscriptions in the elixir, which only a true elite alchemist could concoct. Even within the Elixir Pavilion, no more than five people could concoct such an elixir.

After scrutinizing the elixir for some time, Yuina praised him, “Not bad… Since you’re able to present such a high-quality elixir, this is evidence of your uniqueness.” “How many Holy Stones is this elixir worth?” James asked.

Yuina ignored his question and asked instead, “No more than five alchemists in the whole of the Boundless Realm are able to concoct such an elixir. May I know who among them was the one who concocted this elixir?”

No more than five?

James froze.

The elixir he concocted was only at the Divine Rank’s First Grade. Such an elixir should be concocted by any Divine Rank alchemist. Yet, here was Yuina saying that not more than five alchemists were capable of accomplishing such a feat. How could this be?

“Ahem…” After brief contemplation, James coughed a few times and said,” Well, the thing is, a powerful figure couldn’t come in person, and he sent me here in his stead. Actually, he has another batch of elixirs that he wishes to sell. As the Elixir Pavilion is the strongest force in this world, he gave me specific orders to cooperate with them.”

Hearing this, Yuina asked, “And this powerful figure you’re referring to is…?”

With an apologetic look on his face, James said, “I’m sorry, he instructed me not to reveal his identity. Name me your price. How many Holy Stones is this elixir worth?”

Yuina looked at the elixir once more. Though she was a Divine Rank alchemist, she could not figure out what elixir this was. She could only tell the quality of the elixir.

She asked, “Sorry, I can’t tell what elixir this is. May I know the name of this elixir and its effects?”

James said, ‘This is the Elixir of Reversal, an elixir capable of increasing one’s strength in a short period of time. Upon consumption, there’ll be no side effects. The only downside is that one’s strength can only increase slowly. Upon consumption, one can increase his strength nine times throughout a battle.”


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