The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2921

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2921-“Nine times?!” Yuina exclaimed.

“Yes.” James nodded and asked, “How much is this worth?”

Yuina was lost in contemplation.

Elixirs that boost one’s strength and surpass one’s rank were the most difficult to concoct. Not only was this an elixir at the Divine Rank’s First Grade, but it even had a mysterious Elixir Inscription. Due to the presence of the Elixir Inscription, the elixir’s effects were guaranteed.

She silently estimated the value. An elixir like this was a lifesaver, and most cultivators would normally be willing to spend a fortune to purchase one.

After some time, Yuina said, “An ordinary elixir at the Divine Rank’s First Grade should be around three billion Holy Stones. However, since your elixir contains an Elixir Inscription, its worth should increase by manyfold. Still, we’re also a business, so we won’t be able to purchase this at too high a price.”

Then, she glanced at James.

Seeing that James’ expression was composed, she said, “Our selling price is approximately six billion Holy Stones. How about this? We’ll purchase your elixir at five and a half billion Holy Stones per item.” “Sure”

James said without the slightest hesitation.

He never thought that an elixir would be worth so much. Previously, he had concocted a whole cauldron of elixir and had nine in total. This meant that he would earn at least tens of billions. After concocting a few additional elixirs, he would be able to purchase a Saucer soon.

Then, he pulled out the bottle that contained his elixirs and tossed them to the Yuina, saying, “I have a few other elixirs I’d like you to appraise.”

Yuina grabbed the bottle and opened it.

As a Divine Rank alchemist, she could tell that this batch of elixirs was concocted by the same person and the same furnace.

“Since there are a total of nine elixirs, you’ll receive a total of forty-nine and a half billion Holy Stones. Please wait here while I order my men to prepare the payment.”

After she spoke, she turned to leave.

After leaving the office, she ordered men to prepare the Holy Stones James needed. At the same time, she arrived at another office. Sitting in a lotus position, an ancient, mysterious sigil materialized in her hand, and a powerful aura exuded from her body. She was using ancient secret art to contact her father in the Holy Realm.

After a while, she spoke, “Father.”

Meanwhile, at the Medicine Pavilion in the Holy Realm…

A middle-aged man was sitting in a lotus position at the peak of a mountain. Sensing a presence, he replied, “What’s wrong, Yuina? Why are you contacting me all of a sudden? Did something unexpected happen?” “No, Father. I’m currently at the Heavenly River Realm. I encountered a mysterious young man who has an Imperial Weapon in his possession here. It was a purple sword. He was also here to sell elixirs, and he has an elixir at the Divine Rank’s First Grade. This is hardly anything surprising. However, the elixir has an Elixir Inscription. Besides that, I can sense that he used a Sage Rank herb to concoct the Divine medicine.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man was stunned.

“An Imperial Weapon? A Divine Rank elixir? Not only that, but he even used a Sage Rank herb to concoct a Divine Rank elixir?” “Yes, Father.” “What’s his name?” “He calls himself James Caden.” “I see… We mustn’t cross him no matter what. Since he has an Imperial Weapon and such elixirs, he must have a powerful figure backing him. Even the Elixir Pavilion will have to tread carefully on this matter for fear of provoking this powerful individual. In these circumstances, do your best to befriend him.” “Understood,” Yuina said and dispelled the secret art. A gleam of brilliance flashed in her pitch-black eyes as she murmured to herself, “What a mysterious young man.”


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