The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2922

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2922-Soon, Yuina was back.

She took out an exquisite bag and handed it to James, saying, ‘This storage bag has all the Holy Stones for our transaction.”

James accepted the bag and peered into it. Though the bag was small, the space inside was huge. In the storage bag, James could see a mountain of colorful Holy Stones glimmering.

He could not care less to count them as he believed that the Elixir Pavilion would never resort to such underhanded tactics. So, he casually put them away.

Yuina smiled and said, “Does the powerful figure that you mentioned wish to cooperate with the Elixir Pavilion?”

James nodded and said, “That powerful figure still has a batch of elixirs in his possession. I’ll return to look for him. I’ll be back in a few days.”

Then, he stood up and turned to leave.

Yevpraksiya had been waiting outside. Upon seeing James, she walked toward him and asked, “How did it go, Mr. Caden?”

James said with a bright smile and said, “Not bad. I have sold the elixirs I concocted during the Alchemy Tournament for tens of billions of Holy Stones. Let’s get going for now.”

James turned to leave.

The two left the Elixir Pavilion’s elixir pharmacy.

They did not linger for long inside the city. After leaving the city, they headed toward a forest with dense foliage. After making sure that they were not being followed, James grabbed Yevpraksiya’s hand and entered the Celestial Abode.

Not only did James possess an Imperial Weapon and an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, but he even had a Celestial Abode in his possession. Moreover, this Celestial Abode looked more like an Imperial Abode.

It was simply stunning.

‘Who exactly is Mr. Caden?’ Yevpraksiya wondered.

“Stay here for now. I’ll find a place to concoct the elixirs.”

After he spoke, James turned to leave.

He left the city, headed toward the mountain range outside, and began choosing the herbs he needed. There were all sorts of Celestial herbs being planted inside the Celestial Abode. In fact, there were even Divine herbs here. However, as James’ rank was currently too low, he had no need for the Divine herbs.

After gathering some Celestial herbs, he returned to the city and entered the Time Chamber to concoct elixirs. This time, he also used the Martial Alchemy Furnace to concoct his elixirs. After all, the Martial Alchemy Furnace was convenient and easy to use.

Soon, he was done concocting a few elixirs. Though he used Celestial herbs as the ingredients, the quality of his elixirs was all above the Divine Rank. After roughly calculating the price, James believed that these elixirs in total were worth at least 5 trillion Holy Stones. With that amount of money, he could splurge on anything he wanted.

However, he did not leave immediately. Instead, he gathered some more low-quality Celestial herbs and continued concocting elixirs. Alchemy required constant experimentation and contemplation in order to improve the level of the alchemist.

After using the Martial Alchemy Furnace, James switched to an ordinary alchemy furnace. Unexpectedly, his alchemy skills increased, and he easily concocted an elixir at the Sage Rank’s Eleventh Grade.

This delighted him.

An Emperor Rank alchemy furnace was simply good stuff that could greatly increase an alchemist’s level.

After learning for some time, James left the Time Chamber. By the time he left, he was already capable of using an ordinary alchemy furnace to concoct an elixir at the Sage Rank’s Twelfth Grade. Now, he could be considered an alchemist at the Sage Rank’s Twelfth Grade. However, much would be different if he used the Emperor Rank alchemy furnace.

James was out of the Time Chamber after a few days of waiting.

“Is everything alright now, Mr. Caden?”

Yevpraksiya looked at James with tenderness on her face. The more she looked at James, the more satisfied she was with him. She believed that James had no weaknesses, and was a perfect and flawless man.


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