The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2925

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2925-James looked at the soldiers who were training incessantly and waved at them, “You’ve worked hard!” “Not at all, Sir!” their voices rang in unison.

As James gazed at these familiar yet unknown faces, James was feeling a little guilty. After all, he was the one who placed them inside the Celestial Abode to train incessantly. As a cultivator, he knew how boring and uninteresting cultivation could be. Though their movements were not restricted, and they could move about freely inside the Celestial Abode, this was a world sealed off from the outside world. As such, they could not interact with anyone outside. With the passage of time, they would become bored and lose interest in cultivating.

James was thinking of giving them a vacation. However, upon being reminded that this was the Boundless Realm, a world full of danger, he put those thoughts aside.

At that moment, the Spirit Tool appeared.

James looked at him and asked, “How’s the strength of these soldiers?”

The Spirit Tool replied, “Because of the curse, they had to constantly suppress its power. This has severely slowed down their cultivation speed.”

Hearing this, James was lost in contemplation. He knew just how terrifying the curse was. Even he almost could not endure the excruciating pain when he was overwhelmed by the curse. Now, he was thinking that he should perhaps seize the opportunity and remove the curse on the 400- thousand-strong army. Now that his strength had increased, his endurance toward the curse should have increased as well. Besides, he had already gotten used to the curse’s power inside his body. An increase in the curse’s power should not have too consequential of an effect on him. After long contemplation, he decided to remove the curse on his soldiers.

“My warriors, today I shall remove the curse within your bodies so that you may be spared the agonizing pain.”

James’ voice boomed.

Hearing this, everyone cheered.

All this while, they had suffered excruciating torture. Though the curse was not lethal, the agonizing pain they went through was no laughing matter either.

After the Spirit Tool made the necessary arrangements, all 400 thousand soldiers gathered and sat in a lotus position on the ground.

Meanwhile, James was standing in front of the 400-thousand-strong army. As he looked at the crowd before him, he took a deep breath and regulated his condition to ensure that he was in peak form. After regulating his condition, he took out the Jade Seal on which the summary of the Curse Inscription was engraved, and catalyzed threads of Demonic Energy. Immediately, the Jade Seal flew into mid-air. Under his control, the Jade Seal exuded a black aura that permeated the air, gathering to form an immense power.

Below him, threads of black aura materialized on the soldiers’ heads and were absorbed by the Jade Seal. After the curse of the soldiers was absorbed, they spread throughout James’ body. A single curse was nothing to be afraid of. However, the combined curses of 400 thousand men were an entirely different story.

James could sense an immense curse power spreading throughout his body. The moment they entered his body, his body was gravely injured as the curse frantically ravaged his body, leaving it riddled with holes. Fine cracks appeared on the surface of James’ skin, from which the black curse seeped out and formed a terrifying magnetic field around him. The curse continued to spread, and James tried his best to suppress it. However, the curse was too terrifying. Not only did he fail to suppress it, but the curse even went on a rampage, frantically destroying his physical body and devouring his life force.

James took a deep breath.

‘What a powerful curse… I guess I underestimated the curse’s power for four hundred thousand men. I’ll die if this continues.’

James’ expression was solemn.


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