The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2926

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2926-James underestimated the power of four hundred thousand curses.

The weight of these curses piled together was so frightening that he could not withstand them in one go.

Injured and corroding under the load of the curse, his mental condition deteriorated, and his consciousness blurred. There was a buzz reverberating throughout his mind as if someone was hitting his skull with a blunt weapon.

He summoned the might of his entire body, forcefully clearing his mind. Then, he catalyzed the Jade Seal, beginning to suppress the power of the curse within his body.

The magnetic field around his body grew and grew, causing the soldiers who absorbed the power of the curse to stand up and retreated, moving further away from James.

They stopped at a distance away from James that was just enough to observe from afar.

“Is everything alright?” “James absorbed the curse within our bodies. Will something happen to him?” “He should be alright. I am confident that James wouldn’t do something that he is doubtful of.”

They prayed silently for James.

Legs crossed, James sat on the ground. Cracks continuously appeared on the surface of his body. He summoned Demonic Energy, healing himself incessantly. His injury repeatedly oscillated between recovery and destruction. This state of being continued for a whole century.

In the blink of an eye, a century passed. James had completely suppressed the Demonic Energy.

Under the suppression of the Jade Seal, the Demonic Energy congealed internally, leading to the creation of irregular patterns and symbols.

James had learned Elysian characters prior to this. While theoretically speaking, he had full knowledge of all existent scripts, he could not recognize those suppressed by the curse’s power.

He scrutinized his insides.

In the elixir field, a black aura materialized. The aura formed an array of mystical symbols and characters.

He fell into deep thought. ‘Why is this happening?’

James had no idea as to why the curse’s power was assuming its current form. The power of the curse could not be absorbed. Even if he learned Curse Magic, even if he took up the form of the Demonic Body, he would not be able to absorb nor defuse it. However, it was at this moment that he recalled a memory. He remembered that when he met the Ancestral Talisman Master at Planet Galileo, the Master told him that absorbing the curse would bring about a disaster, but also fortune and opportunity-the opportunity to cultivate the curse to its maximum capacity.

“Doesn’t this mean that this has something to do with the curse I’m cultivating? It’s just that I’m at a lower rank and am unable to cultivate it just yet?” he mumbled to himself softly.

To test his hypothesis, he attempted to summon the Curse Magic as well as to control the mysterious symbols within him.

Just as he was performing the Confinement, the mysterious black symbols inside him materialized into enormous power. The power of the curse, trapped by the Confinement, elevated the Confinement Art to the next level.

This situation caused James to be delirious. “It worked?”

He could not conceal his ecstasy. Subsequently, he tried performing the Reincarnation Art.

The Reincarnation Art was this Curse Art Supernatural Power’s name because it could immediately age a living being, causing them to lose their life force in a short time.

He called this Reincarnation. Based on his understanding, Reincarnation was the process from life to death.


He sat on the ground with his legs crossed. His mind stirred, and the black characters in his body materialized into an enormous power that incessantly exuded his body, striking a tree in the distance.


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