The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2928

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2928-The length of a century was subjective to comprehension. For a cultivator, a hundred years was but a flick of the finger. For an ordinary human being, a century meant a lifetime. This time, James stayed in the Celestial Abode for a hundred and five years.

Within this timeframe, while he was suppressing the power of the curse within his body, Yevpraksiya stayed within the Saucer, controlling its direction ahead. Thankfully, the Saucer was fully automatic. As long as the destination was set, the Saucer could fly independently and required little supervision. A timely glance at the radar would suffice. All this time, Yevpraksiya has been cultivating herself. Attaining the Sage Rank meant that her innate capacity was rather good. It was only due to the lack of nurture, the absence of cultivation methods, and the lack of a strong background that resulted in her slow cultivation speed.

Throughout the century, she had been waiting for James to appear. Having cultivated for tens of thousands of years, she had seen all kinds of men. While she was not a spectacular beauty, her looks were stunning nonetheless. Otherwise, she would not have been selected to serve an alchemist. Upon setting eyes on her, all cultivators, as long as they were men, would desire to make her their own. She had been through many such cases. Nevertheless, James was not the same as other men. He never had any malicious intent over her. Forget about s*xual acts, James had not even attempted to even hold her hand. Men like James were nearly extinct.

She had been imagining a scenario where James would reappear. How should she act in such a scenario? Should she take the initiative, or give James hints?

It was at this moment that a flash of light appeared within her sight, which was immediately followed by a shadow.

“Hey, what were you dreaming about?”

James’ voice was loud and clear, interrupting Yevpraksiya’s daydream.

Without delay, she stood up and respectfully called out, “Mr. Caden.”

It was then that she sensed the aura of some uncanny powers within his body. The aura made her nervous, and she took a few steps backward.

“Mr. Caden, you…” She looked at him cautiously.

James was stupefied. “What’s wrong?”

Yevpraksiya looked at him. She sensed evil radiating from his body. To her, it felt like she was facing a huge demon.

“Urm, about that…” she stammered, not knowing how to explain her confusion.

James replied, “Feel free to speak freely, it’s alright.”

She mustered up her courage and asked, “Mr. Caden, I’m not sure why, but why has your aura changed so drastically?”

James was taken aback. “What sort of change?” “Currently, there is a huge concoction of evil within your body, Mr. Caden.”

Hearing her words, James understood immediately. It must be because he absorbed too much of the power of the curse.

He let out a faint smile. “It’s not much, really.” Deciding to change the topic, he asked, “Oh right, where are we now? How far away are we from the Holy Realm?”

She headed towards the control room to take a look and returned to

James. “Mr. Caden, based on our current speed, we still need two hundred years to arrive at the Holy Realm.” “Ah, two hundred years…” James could not hide his disappointment. He thought that since a century had passed, they would have been closer to the Holy Realm. This was the fastest they could go. Now that there were still two centuries left, he had nothing else to do apart from entering a closed-door meditation.

“Mr. Caden…” Biting her lip gently and holding the two edges of her blouse, she gazed at James adoringly.


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