The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2930

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2930-In the world of the Boundless Realm, one could remain ignorant about the names of the Grand Emperors apart from Xainte Callahan. Xainte Callahan had a reputation that could not be easily dismissed. She had been a legend her whole life. From the date of birth till the day she attained the rank of Quasi-Emperor, she merely used thirty thousand years. She was indeed a force to be reckoned with. Wherever she went, she became a legend.

As Yevpraksiya talked about Xainte, she could not conceal her admiration as she continued, “Xainte’s talent is indescribable. Within a mere ten thousand years, she has attained the rank of Quasi-Emperor, and the first one to have accomplished so in the Boundless Realm.” “Xainte Callahan?” James mumbled to himself softly.

Although they both go by the name ‘Callahan’, Xainte and Callahan could not possibly be the same person. He put those thoughts aside for now.

“There are still two hundred years left. I should go enter a closed-door meditation before we arrive at the Celestial Realm,” he said.

“Yes, Mr. Caden,” Yevpraksiya nodded.

Subsequently, James returned to the Celestial Abode and entered the Time Chamber. Two hundred years in the outer realm is a very long time in the Time Chamber. He is confident that this long duration would elevate his rank.

With his legs crossed on the ground, he summoned Elemental Inversion and began to absorb the Celestial Abode’s enormous power to increase his Sage Energy. He picked up momentum unknowingly as he reached the peak of the Sage Rank’s Sixth stage.

Upon accomplishing this stage, he began forcefully suppressing his rank to the early stage. Then, he proceeded with his cultivation. When he reached the peak once again, he found that he was unable to suppress it and decided to attempt a breakthrough.

However, as there were remnants of the curse’s power in his body, he stayed cautious. He took out the Jade Seal and suppressed the curse to prevent the curse from disrupting his breakthrough.

After comprehensive preparations, he attempted to make a breakthrough. However, the moment he began, the seal within his body appeared. As such, he could only break through the seal slowly and gradually. As his rank increased, the seal grew stronger. Now, breaking the seal was nigh impossible. This time, it took him a thousand years to force through the seal and reach the Sage Rank’s Seventh Stage.

He walked out of the Time Chamber and took a temporary rest in the Celestial Abode. After chatting with the four hundred thousand soldiers who were in the Abode for a few months, he resumed his meditation in the Chamber.

The attempt this round was successful as he effortlessly and unknowingly attained the peak of the Sage Rank’s Seventh stage.

Once again, he chose to suppress his rank. It was only until he could no longer perform this suppression that he chose to break through.

In the Time Chamber, he forgot about the existence of time. He ascended from the Sage Rank’s Eighth Stage to the Tenth Stage.

It was then that he decided to stop temporarily. While he had indeed accomplished the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage, his physical strength did not increase substantially, remaining at the Sage Rank’s Ninth Stage. Prior to this, his physical strength had always been stronger than the rank it assumed, but now the rank itself had overtaken his body.

After meditating for so long, James felt a little bored.

He stopped his cultivation and walked out of the Celestial Abode into the

Saucer, where he was respectfully greeted by Yevpraksiya as she said, “Mr. Caden.”


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