The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2932

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2932-After traveling through the galaxy for over a hundred and fifty years, James planned to take a break in the Eidolon Realm.

The Eidolon Realm was one of the top major worlds in this universe. In this world, there was a legend.

She was Xainte Callahan. Xainte’s name was well-known throughout the entire Boundless Realm.

The Saucer quickly entered the Eidolon Realm and came to a stop somewhere on a mountain range.

James and Yevpraksiya opened the hatch of the Saucer and walked outside. James casually waved his hand, and the Saucer shrank. It was eventually stored by him in the Celestial Abode.

James took a look around him. It was a mountain range, and in it there was an abundance of Primordial Energy.

Indeed, it was the highest level of heaven and earth’s power.

With his arms extended, James breathed in the air. The pores on his entire body were relaxed, and it was indescribably at ease.

“This feeling is quite wonderful.”

There was a smile on James’ face.

From the side, Yevpraksiya asked, “Sir, where are we going next?”

James looked at her and asked, “Do you have a map of the Eidolon Realm?” “Yes.” Yevpraksiya nodded.

When she learned that James wanted to visit the Eidolon Realm, she downloaded the Eidolon Realm map into the Saucer’s system.

She took out the communicator. It was similar to mobile phones used on Earth, but it was more sophisticated.

Yevpraksiya opened the communicator, pulled out the map of the Eidolon Realm, and said, ‘Tve already downloaded the map of the Eidolon Realm.”

James asked, “What is our location right now?”

After Yevpraksiya looked at the map, she said, ‘We’re at the Southern Plains of the Eidolon Realm.” “The Southern Plains?” James furrowed his brow.

Yevpraksiya immediately explained, ‘The Eidolon Realm is expansive. It is, however, roughly divided into five regions: the Southern Plains, the Northern Border, the East Sea, the Western Regions, and the Central State.” “Hm.”

After hearing Yevpraksiya’s explanation, James more or less understood his location in the Eidolon Realm.

He asked again, “Make a search. Check to see if there are any dangerous places in the Southern Plains.”

Yevpraksiya looked at James, perplexed. She did not understand why James asked if there were any dangerous places.

“Sir, what do you mean by that?”

James smiled and said, “After being in closed-door meditation for so long, I feel like the days are a little dreary. I want to go on an adventure. The Eidolon Realm is massive. Even a single region is quite vast. There must be some perilous places, and I intend to take a stroll there.” ‘You’re really bored out of your mind,’ Yevpraksiya secretly murmured in her head.

In normal circumstances, cultivators would not go to dangerous places of their own volition, unless they needed something from those places. Otherwise, they would not go exploring there.

James was indeed bored out of his mind.

He considered himself to be extremely fortunate. Furthermore, he had heard from others that he appeared to be a person of great fortune, protected by the Heavenly Path. Wherever he went, he would meet with providence and favorable circumstances.

Even if he came across danger, he would make his misfortune a blessing.

Nonetheless, Yevpraksiya was unaware of all that. She opened the map and examined it.

After a while, she finally said, “Sir, I looked it up. In the Southern Plains, there is in fact a dangerous location. This place is known as the Great Wilderness.” “The Great Wilderness. Is there any history to it?” James asked.

Yevpraksiya shook her head and said, ‘That, I don’t know. Alright, let’s locate a city first and ask around about it.” “Okay.” James nodded.

After that, the two left the mountain range.

Not far from the mountain range, there was a city. This city was the largest city in the Southern Plains. It was named the Southern Plains City. Moreover, one of the Eidolon Realm’s ten major forces, the Southern Academy, was located near the Southern Plains City.


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