The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2933

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2933-Southern Plains City was quite old, and it had a long history. The city wall stood several tens of thousands of meters tall, built of pitch-black rocks. Moreover, the city wall was severely worn down by the passage of time. Numerous repairs had been made to it.

At the city gate, there was constant traffic. People were coming and going in droves.

On the ancient road outside the city, a man and a woman were approaching.

The man was handsome. He was dressed in a white robe and exuded extraordinary charisma.

The woman was beautiful. She was wearing a blue dress and following the man. At a glance, it was obvious that she was his attendant.

They were James and Yevpraksiya who were rushing over.

Upon seeing such a majestic and bustling city, James could not help but exclaim, “How massive. As to be expected from one of the best worlds in the Boundless Realm.”

Yevpraksiya was stunned as well.

She came from the Stardust Realm, a small place. She had never been to a world as vast as the Eidolon Realm. When she saw the splendor and thriving of the Southern Plains City, her mouth dropped open.

“Let’s go.”

James stepped forward and walked into the Southern Plains City.

Once they entered the city, the two did not immediately inquire about the Great Wilderness. Instead, they strolled around the city. Whenever they found something they liked, they bought it. After all, James had plenty of Holy Stones on him.

After wandering around for a day, the two began to ask around about the Great Wilderness.

As soon as they started asking around, James’ interest was piqued.

“You’re asking about the Great Wilderness? It hasn’t been peaceful lately. Your cultivation base is average, so you’d be better off staying away from the Great Wilderness.”

As soon as they asked around, James knew something significant had happened in the Great Wilderness.

However, regarding what had happened, he asked many living beings in the Southern Plains City about it, but these living beings were unwilling to elaborate.

The more this happened, the more intrigued James became.

Since they were unable to learn about it by asking around, James decided to visit the Great Wilderness personally.

Yevpraksiya immediately dissuaded him, saying, “Sir, let’s not be rash. We asked so many living beings, but they were all evasive about what happened in the Great Wilderness. Something major must have happened. Let’s not poke our noses into it.” “What is there to be afraid of?”

James was skillful and daring. Besides, he was a man of great fortune, protected by the Heavenly Path. Nothing would happen to him.


Yevpraksiya still had something to say.

“No buts.” James cut Yevpraksiya off and said, “If you’re afraid, stay in Southern Plains City and wait for me, or enter my Celestial Abode and stay there.” “I’m not afraid,” Yevpraksiya immediately said, “Since the day I started following you, there is nothing I’m afraid of. Even if we have to climb mountains of swords and cross seas of fire, if you’re not afraid, neither am

I” “Don’t worry. It will be fine,” James said unequivocally.

From the time he became a cultivator until now, he had encountered countless dangers, but he always managed to turn them around. Furthermore, he was a firm believer in the principle that the more dangerous a location was, the more providence and opportunities it offered.

After making the decision, James did not linger in the Southern Plains City and instead left the city with Yevpraksiya.

As they left, outside the city, a colorful glow appeared on the horizon in the distance.

This glow drew the attention of many living beings in the Southern Plains City.

At the city gate, many living beings looked over into the distance in unison.

The colorful glow continued to float over and soon appeared outside the city gate of Southern Plains City. A woman then appeared in the sky, and she stood on the colorful glow.


Upon seeing this, many living beings were taken aback.

“Xante!” someone shouted.

It instantly caused a stir.


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