The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2934

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2934-As soon as James left the city, he saw a woman who was standing on a vibrant ethereal glow appear at Southern Plains City.

Soon, she appeared in the sky outside the city gate. She descended slowly from the sky and landed steadily on the ground.

Someone shouted, “Xainte”.

When the name ‘Xainte’ appeared, everyone present was buzzing.

“l-lt’s really Xainte.” “Wow. I never expected to be able to see Xainte here.”

Every man’s expression was passionate. They stared at Xainte as if they were looking at their ideal lover.

James had heard the name ‘Xainte’ before.

He knew that Xainte was the most terrifying prodigy in the history of the Boundless Realm. In only thirty thousand years, she entered the QuasiEmperor Rank, becoming one of the foremost cultivators of this world.

He also knew that Xainte was the most beautiful woman in this world. His gaze remained on Xainte as well.

Xainte appeared to be about twenty years old. She was wearing a white dress. Her height was approximately 1.8 meters. Her long, black hair cascaded down her back. She had delicate facial features, and her skin was fair and clear.

It was as if that face had been meticulously carved. There were no flaws to be found.

Her eyes sparkled with life. There seemed to be a vibrant world hidden within her eyes.

However, after seeing her appearance, James was slightly astonished.

She had a slight resemblance to Thea. To be more specific, she looked very similar to someone, and that person was Winnie. Regardless, James knew she was not Winnie.

Still, why did she resemble Thea and Winnie in some ways? Could it be that she was related to Thea?

For a brief moment, James’ mind was flooded with numerous ideas.

“Sir,” Yevpraksiya, who was beside him, called out.

Only then did James emerge from his thoughts and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yevpraksiya said with a smile, “Were you astounded by Xainte’s beauty?”

James smiled slightly and said nothing. Right now, he only wanted to find out if there were any connections between Xainte and Thea. He wanted to walk over and ask. However, he had just taken a few steps and was still some distance away from Xainte when a figure emerged from the city.

It was a young man. He appeared to be about twenty-five or twenty-six years old.

He was dressed in a golden robe and looked incredibly handsome. He exuded the air of a nobleman.

“It’s the Southern Academy’s top prodigy.” “Yikron Gildrim.” “I didn’t expect that even Yikron came out of seclusion. It appears that the situation in the Great Wilderness is not promising.”

The surrounding living beings who were watching with amusement started to talk among themselves once again.

Yikron walked out and appeared in front of Xainte. With a hint of adoration in his expression, he said with a smile, “Xainte, welcome to Southern Plains City.”

Xainte glanced at Yikron and nodded softly at him in response.

Her expression was serene. She said nonchalantly, “I came to the Southern Plains to travel to the Great Wilderness. How is the situation there? Is there any news about my mother?”

Yikron shook his head and said, “Not yet. Don’t worry. Come into the city first and let’s have a discussion. Then, we’ll travel to the Great Wilderness together.”

James wanted to walk over and ask, but the two had already entered the city.

James became frozen in place. After some time, he eventually asked,” What is the connection between Xainte’s mother and the Great Wilderness?”

Yevpraksiya shook her head. She, too, was ignorant about these.

James scanned his surroundings.

Numerous living beings had gathered in the vicinity. There were around a hundred thousand in total. He grabbed a male cultivator haphazardly and asked, “Sir, I heard you were talking about Xainte just now. Do you know much about Xainte? Do you know what her connection to the Great Wilderness is?”

This man looked pleased. He said, “You asked the right person, sir. I do know a little.”


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