The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2935

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2935-This man began talking incessantly.

“Rumor has it that Xainte is from the Great Wilderness.

“Thirty thousand years ago, a Sect Elder of the Paragon Sect detected anomalies in the Great Wilderness, so he went to the Great Wilderness and then returned with a baby.

“As for what had happened exactly, other than the Great Elder of the Paragon Sect, no one knows.”

By asking around, James learned something, and that was Xainte came from the Great Wilderness.

No one knew about the details.

Previously, he had heard the conversation between Xainte and Yikron.

Xainte’s mother seemed to be in the Great Wilderness. As for what this was all about, no one knew.

Xainte resembled both Thea and Winnie. James felt that it was not a coincidence. She might be related to Thea.

However, if they were really related, how exactly were they related? Could it be that Xainte was Thea’s daughter? Who was her father, then?

At this moment, James felt as though he had been cuckolded.


James took a deep breath. He felt certain that Thea would not do anything hurtful to him.

If he wanted to understand what was going on, he had to find Thea, or find Xainte and ask her directly.

“Sir, what are you thinking about?”

Yevpraksiya tugged James, who was lost in his thoughts.

James finally returned from his thoughts and said, “Nothing. It’s nothing.

Let’s head into the city first.”

After saying that, James walked toward Southern Plains City. Shortly after making some inquiries, he discovered that Xainte was currently at a residence in the city. The residence belonged to the Southern Academy.

Soon, he arrived at the main entrance of the Southern Academy’s residence. He wanted to go in, but his path was blocked by disciples of the Southern Academy.

“I’m looking for Xainte,” James said with a straight face, “You better get out of my way. If you hinder Xainte’s important business, you’ll regret it.” “Looking for Xainte?”

A disciple of the Southern Academy glanced at James and immediately saw through his cultivation base and strength. With a contemptuous expression on his face, he said, “You’re only at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage. How could you possibly know Xainte? Brat, do you know what Xainte’s rank is? She is a Quasi-Emperor.” “Step aside.” James’ face darkened.

“Get lost.”

The expression of the Southern Academy’s disciple guarding the entrance changed as well. They waved their hand casually. A powerful force swept over, and James was immediately sent flying.

The Southern Academy was one of the world’s ten major powers. Even the disciples stationed at the entrance were cultivators on the cusp of reaching the Divine Rank. James was no match for such powerful cultivators at all.

James’ body was sent flying, and he fell hard on the ground in the distance.

He pulled himself up from the ground awkwardly, looked at the main entrance of the Southern Academy’s residence, and started to ponder. He was thinking about how he could get into the Southern Academy’s residence and what he needed to do to meet Xainte.

Yevpraksiya quickly walked over. With a touch of concern on her face, she asked, “Sir, how are you? Are you alright?”

James shook his head slightly and said, “I’m alright.”

Yevpraksiya advised him, “If it doesn’t work out, forget about it. A person like Xainte is worlds apart from us.”

James said, “You don’t understand.”

Yevpraksiya did not understand indeed. She assumed James wanted to meet Xainte merely because of her beauty, but that was not the case.

James wanted to meet Xainte because she looked very much like Thea. He felt that Xainte was Thea’s daughter, that she was related to Thea.

Nonetheless, these were all based on his intuition. To learn the truth, he still had to find Xainte and ask her directly.


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