The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2936

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2936-James wanted to know the truth. Nonetheless, he could not get in right now.

This place was the residence of the Southern Academy. Even the disciples guarding the main entrance were cultivators at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-third Stage, on the verge of entering the Divine Rank.

With such powerful cultivators guarding the main entrance, it was extremely difficult for him to enter the residence.

Right now, his only option was to wait outside the entrance.

“Sir, let’s forget about it.” Yevpraksiya kept dissuading him.

“We’ll wait here. There’s no way I won’t be able to see Xainte.” James stood at the entrance of the Southern Academy’s residence.

James started to wait at the entrance, and Yevpraksiya waited with him as well.

However, they had only waited a short time before many living beings gathered at the entrance. These living beings were all clamoring to see Xainte, but all of them were stopped by the guards at the entrance.

At this moment, Yikron was seated at the forefront in the main hall of the Southern Academy’s residence.

Xainte, on the other hand, was seated on the seat below. She looked worried.

Yikron glanced at Xainte with adoration in his expression. Xainte was the most terrifying prodigy in this era, if not the most terrifying prodigy since the birth of the Boundless Realm. Yikron was also a prodigy.

A prodigy paired with another prodigy. A talented man and a beautiful woman. They were simply made for each other.

“Ms. Xainte, I have a question on my mind.”

Yikron looked at Xainte. She glanced at Yikron and said nonchalantly,” What is it?”

Yikron asked, “What is the relationship between you and the Malevolent Demon?”

When she heard that, Xainte furrowed her brow slightly. She did not answer the question.

Yikron continued, “Rumor has it that you were brought out of the Great Wilderness by the Great Elder of Paragon Sect thirty thousand years ago. Thirty thousand years ago also happened to be several thousand years after the powerhouses attacked the Malevolent Demon.

“Could it be that your mother is the Malevolent Demon?” “How is that possible?” Xainte cast a glance at Yikron and corrected him, saying, “My mother is not the Malevolent Demon. She’s just a maid by the Malevolent Demon’s side.”

After saying that, she took a deep breath.

“It’s complicated. You don’t know much. Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand.”

Yikron was tactful and did not ask any further. He changed the subject and said, “According to rumors, the Malevolent Demon has not died and is still alive. In order to confirm the veracity of this information, the Southern Academy’s powerhouses are already on their way to the Great Wilderness.

“However, someone spread the word that the Malevolent Demon is nearing the end of their life and has appeared this time to find a successor. This drew the desire of many cultivators from the Eidolon Realm. Numerous living beings have already entered the Great Wilderness. It seems that the

Great Wilderness is about to be in chaos.”

Xainte asked, “Is this information real or fake?”

Yikron shook his head and said, “That’s not clear. The Southern Academy powerhouses are already heading toward the depths of the Great Wilderness, so there should be some news soon. Just wait patiently for a while.”

Currently, James was at the main entrance of the Southern Academy’s residence.

Many prodigies from the Southern Plains City had gathered at the entrance. All of these prodigies were outstanding individuals from prominent sects or families.

They came here to see Xainte and to invite her to have dinner with them.

As word of Xainte’s appearance in Southern Plains City spread, the number of prodigies appearing in Southern Plains City grew.

All of these prodigies were the most spectacular powerhouses of this era.


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