The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2937

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2937-The strength of the weakest among them had reached the Divine Rank. There were even some individuals who had reached the Three Divine Stages and were about to enter the Quasi-Emperor Rank.

When James saw so many prominent figures appear at the main entrance of Southern Academy’s residence, he slightly furrowed his brow. ‘Is this Xainte really that famous? She’s able to attract so many powerful figures.’

As the numerous prominent figures gathered, once again, a man walked over from a distance.

The man appeared to be about twenty years old and was dressed in a white robe. On the robe, the word ‘Elixir’ was depicted on it. He was also wearing a glittering badge on his chest.

James recognized it the moment he saw it. It was an alchemist’s badge.

Yevpraksiya said in a lowered voice beside James, “Sir, he’s from the Elixir Pavilion. The badge he wears on his chest is a special badge. It’s a dedicated badge for alchemists at the Divine Rank’s Third Grade. Even in the entire Boundless Realm, there aren’t many badges like this.”

James could not help but give another glance at the man who was walking over, slightly astonished. ‘He’s actually an alchemist at the Divine Rank’s Third Grade.’

An alchemist at the Divine Rank’s Third Grade was much more terrifying than a cultivator at the Three Divine Stages.

The man strode over.

As soon as the Southern Academy disciple standing guard at the main entrance noticed that it was a person from the Elixir Pavilion, and an alchemist at the Divine Rank’s Third Grade at that, he did not dare to slight him. He walked over and called out to him respectfully, “Greetings, sir.”

With an insouciant look on his face, the man looked at the entrance of the Southern Academy residence and said, “Go and report that the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion, Jules Daniela, has come to pay a visit. Just say that Jules wants to meet Xainte.” “Y-Young Master?”

Upon hearing these two words, the Southern Academy disciple backed up slightly in shock.

Elixir Pavilion was the most frightening force in this world. Although the headquarters of Elixir Pavilion was not in the Eidolon Realm, the influence of Elixir Pavilion had already reached the Eidolon Realm.

“Yes, I’ll report your visit right away.”

This Southern Academy student dared not be negligent in any way.

He turned around and entered the residence.

In the residence’s main hall, Yikron was seated at the forefront. Xainte, on the other hand, sat below him. The two were talking about the Great Wilderness.

At this moment, a Southern Academy disciple walked over and called out with a face filled with respect, “Mr. Gildrim.”

After that, he looked at Xainte and said respectfully, “Ms. Xainte, many prodigies have arrived outside. All of them came to see you. Even the Young Master of the Elixir Pavilion has appeared and specifically requested to see you.” “The Elixir Pavilion’s… Young Master?”

Xainte was slightly taken aback.

The headquarters of the Elixir Pavilion was not in the Eidolon Realm. What was the Young Master of Elixir Pavilion doing in the Eidolon Realm? He even asked to see her specifically.

“I won’t see them.”

Currently, Xainte was distraught with anxiety. She did not have the mood to meet other people.

“Ms. Xainte. You can choose not to see other people, but I’m afraid it’s best if you meet with the Young Master of Elixir Pavilion,” Yikron promptly advised her, “That’s the future Master of Elixir Pavilion, one of the most powerful people in this world.” “So what?” Xainte’s face was filled with contempt. Even if his father, Xavkarem Daniela, showed up in person, she would not bother with him, let alone Jules.

There was an awkward look on Yikron’s face. He said, “Ms. Xainte, you’re too famous. Countless men in this world wish to conquer you. As long as you don’t choose a partner, there will be constant inconveniences. In my opinion…”

At this point, he took a brief pause.

“I think you should choose a partner. Even if it’s fake, it can convince many prominent figures to give up. How about this? What if I help you smooth things over and pretend to be your partner?”

Yikron adored Xainte. He had known her for a very long time and had long been interested in her. He was already scheming in his head.

How could Xainte possibly be unaware of Yikron’s thoughts?

She cast a glance at Yikron. Without paying him much attention, she stood up, walked toward the door, and said nonchalantly, “Even if I had to choose, I wouldn’t choose you.”

After saying that, she turned around and walked out the door.


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