The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2938

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2938-Xainte walked towards the main entrance and soon arrived at the main entrance.

At the main entrance of Southern Academy’s residence, prodigies from prominent families and sects in Southern Plains City had gathered.

Jules from the Elixir Pavilion, on the other hand, had rushed over from the Holy Realm. He came specifically to see Xainte.

As soon as Xainte stepped outside, she noticed a dense mass of living beings. When she saw these men, she had a look of disgust on her face.

James had been waiting at the entrance. Upon seeing Xainte come outside, he quickly walked over. However, before he got close, he felt a powerful force. With this force obstructing him, he could not move forward.

He looked ahead and realized the person emitting this force was Jules from the Elixir Pavilion.

A powerful force was emanating from Jules’ body, preventing all of the men at the entrance from moving closer.

Jules strode up to Xainte and appeared several meters away from her.

With a satisfied smile on his face, he looked at Xainte and said, “Just as seductive and beautiful as the rumors suggest.”

Xainte glanced at Jules and said nothing.

James’ strength was limited. He could not pass through the barrier of Jules ‘ force, and could only shout loudly from afar.

“Xainte, over here. Over here! ” he shouted loudly while waving his hands continuously.

Nonetheless, there were too many men. They were all yelling and shouting

Xiante’s name. James’ shouts were drowned out.

Xainte was right in front of him, but James could not meet her or speak to her. He was distraught.

Meanwhile, Xainte ignored the shouts of the crowd. She fixed her gaze on Jules, a cold and detached look on her face, and said, “Why? What’s the matter?”

Jules smiled faintly and said, “People have been saying that only a true prodigy is capable of conquering you. Only by conquering you can one be considered a real man, so I’m here.”

Xainte did not pay him much attention, turned around, and left.

She could not wait in Southern Plains City any longer. She wanted to go to the Great Wilderness personally, to find her mother.

Yikron’s guess was correct. Her mother was, in fact, the Malevolent Demon mentioned in the rumors.

No one else knew about this. Even the Great Elder of Paragon Sect who brought her out of the Great Wilderness was unaware.

Xainte was unusual. As soon as she was born, she had memories and knew about her mother. She declared to others that her mother was only a maid at the Malevolent Demon’s side. The only person who knew the truth was herself.

All these years, she had always wanted to travel to the Great Wilderness and find her mother, but she never had the chance. After getting the news about her mother this time, how could she stand by and wait at Southern Plains City?

With a flash, Xainte vanished from everyone’s line of sight.

When Yikron rushed outside, Xainte had already left.

As soon as Xainte left, Jules followed her.

Yikron, who had rushed outside, frowned slightly upon seeing that, but then quickly followed as well.

“Yevpraksiya, wait for me in Southern Plains City.”

After finishing this sentence, James pursued them as well.

“Sir…!” Yevpraksiya shouted, but James had already left. She had no choice but to stay in Southern Plains City for the time being and wait for James here.

James chased after them. However, his strength was vastly different from that of Xainte, Jules, and Yikron. After pursuing them outside the city, he lost track of these people.

James could roughly infer that Xainte had hurried to the Great Wilderness, while Jules and Yikron had followed her.

“To the Great Wilderness.”

James decided to travel to the Great Wilderness. He had a strong hunch that Xainte was related to Thea.

Given that he did not know which direction the Great Wilderness was, he did not immediately head toward the Great Wilderness.

He walked toward the city to find Yevpraksiya and ask her for a detailed map of the Southern Plains.


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