The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2939

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2939-At the same time, he made an inquiry to the Spirit Tool in the Celestial Abode.

“Spirit Tool, is there a possibility that Xainte is my daughter?” James asked the Spirit Tool in the Celestial Abode.

It was a bold notion. However, when he was approaching Xainte, he felt some sort of bloodline connection. It was an absurd idea since he had not done that with Thea in a very long time.

Furthermore, before coming to the Boundless Realm, he spent some time in closed-door meditation with Thea, studying Elysian characters and even cultivating in seclusion. Immediately after that, they came to the Boundless Realm.

It did not line up in terms of timing. Xainte could not possibly be his daughter.

All of James’s experiences were known to the Spirit Tool.

After giving it some thought, the Spirit Tool said, “Mhm. It is possible.” “It’s possible?” James was immediately delighted.

Spirit Tool explained, “Ten months of pregnancy is only for typical humans. The stronger the cultivation base, the longer the pregnancy period. It’s even possible for it to last for hundreds or even thousands of years. This is related to natural endowments. The more sacrilegious the individual, the longer the pregnancy. It’s possible that Thea was already carrying a child before coming to the Boundless Realm.”

When he heard that, James felt relieved. If that was the case, he was not cuckolded.

His mood lightened up, and he said with a smile, “Xainte is too similar to

Thea and Winnie. I couldn’t help but think along those lines. If she is really my daughter, then there is information about Thea.

“So our previous theory was correct. In the River of Time, Thea and I were involved in an accident. As a result, Thea appeared in this era several tens of thousands of years before me.”

When he considered these, the anxiety in James’ heart was completely gone.

Nonetheless, whether these were true and exactly as he thought remained to be determined. He still needed to find Xainte and ask her. Then, he might be able to find Thea.

Shortly after, he returned to the city. He found Yevpraksiya.

“Sir, didn’t you follow them? Why are you back?” Yevpraksiya looked surprised.

With a look of embarrassment on his face, James said, “I don’t know how to get to the Great Wilderness. Give me a detailed map of the Southern Plains.” “Sir, you need to buy a communicator first. A detailed map of the Southern Plains can be downloaded directly from the communicator.” “Got it.” James nodded and said, ‘Wait for me in Southern Plains City for now. After I take care of these things, I’ll come back and find you.”

James finished saying that, then turned around and left. In Southern Plains City, he found a store that specialized in selling communicators and purchased one.

After downloading a detailed map of the Southern Plains and locating the Great Wilderness, James summoned the Saucer and rode it to the Great Wilderness.

It was a long journey to the Great Wilderness. Even if he hurried along with all his might, it would take several hundred years with his current strength.

It was different, however, when using a Saucer. With a Saucer, even if he did not execute a Space Leap, it would only take a few days. This was one of the advantages of having a Saucer.

The Saucer was used for interstellar travel. It possessed a unique ability: it could perform a Space Leap, advancing by leaping across a section of space.

James entered the Saucer.

Three days later, he appeared in an unfamiliar location. He stepped off the Saucer and stood in a mountain range.

The so-called Great Wilderness was not a desolate region, but a rolling mountain range.

James looked at the summit of a mountain, took in his surroundings, and muttered softly, “This Great Wilderness is far too big. Where exactly are Xainte and the others? In which direction should I go now?”


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