The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2942

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2942-It was normal for exceptional powerhouses to fight for thousands of years.

However, James was more interested in the results of the aforementioned battle.

James suspected the Malevolent Demon they had mentioned was his wife, Thea.

Shawn interjected, saying, ‘The battle raged on for thousands of years, and the five major academies and various sects suffered heavy losses.

Even the Eidolon Realm’s greatest cultivator, the head of the Paragon Sect, ended up severely injured.

After the battle, he isolated himself to treat his wounds and hasn’t shown up ever since.” James asked, “What about the Malevolent Demon? What happened to her?” Yoselyn replied him, “It’s speculated that countless of the Great Wilderness ‘ monsters and their leader, the Malevolent Demon, were slaughtered.” “So she’s dead?” James was stunned.

Shawn nodded and said, ‘That’s what the rumors say.

Everyone in the Eidolon Realm assumed the Malevolent Demon was dead, but news that she was still alive and only injured spread around some time ago.

Since she is nearing the end of her life, she is looking for someone to inherit her legacy.

After the news spread, many powerhouses risked their lives to reach the depths of the Great Wilderness.” After listening to Shawn, James was able to roughly understand what had taken place.

However, he was still unsure how Xainte and the Malevolent Demon were connected.

Was the Malevolent Demon really his wife Thea? Had Thea come to the Eidolon Realm tens of thousands of years before him? With Thea’s strength, she was fully capable of becoming one of the strongest people in this world.

James fell into deep thought.

After a while, he asked, “Is the Malevolent Demon actually dead or alive? Who spread this news, and how reliable is it?” All three of them shook their head.

None of them knew whether the rumors had any truth in them.

The three came to the Great Wilderness because their family had offended a formidable enemy.

The only way to resolve their crisis was by obtaining the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

Otherwise, the Lehmans would be doomed.

Shawn looked at James and said, “James, the Malevolent Demon is a QuasiEmperor.

Although she’s only at that rank, she has already reached the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.

If she’s truly alive and in search of a successor, she won’t choose a cultivator at the Sage Rank.

The Great Wilderness is full of dangers, so you should leave as soon as possible.” Shawn gently urged James.

James smirked and replied, “I didn’t come for the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

I’m here to train and was getting rather bored.

I’m willing to risk my life in search of some excitement.” Hagen laughed.

“Haha! I approve.

Living a peaceful life of cultivation is too dull.

You and I are like-minded people.” James asked, “Can I follow you guys into the depths of the Great Wilderness? I’ll be fine if I’m with three of you.” Shawn furrowed his brows discontentedly.

He was slightly reluctant to take James with them.

The three of them were also risking their lives traversing the Great Wilderness.

They were already incapable of ensuring their own safety.

How were they supposed to protect James? Yoselyn said, “Let’s take him with us, Shawn.

He doesn’t seem to fear death at any rate.” After a brief pause, Shawn replied, “If that’s the case, then he can come along.” After agreeing to allow James to tag along with them, Shawn turned to James and said, “Although I’m letting you come with us, the Great Wilderness is still extremely dangerous.

No one knows what dangers are hidden within the depths of the Great Wilderness.

We can’t promise your safety here.” James nodded and said, “Alright, I understand.

Thank you.” After a brief chat, James grew closer to the three and learned about them.

He knew the three siblings belonged to a relatively small family within the Eidolon Realm.

Their family had crossed another sect trying to compete for resources.


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