The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2943

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2943-While the Lehmans were under the treat of being annihilated, they heard news being spread about the Malevolent Demon.

The three siblings decided to try their luck in the depths of the Great Wilderness.

They could resolve their family’s crisis by obtaining the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

The group gathered around a bonfire late at night, eating grilled food as they talked about the stories of the Malevolent Demon.

James tried to get more details, “Did the Malevolent Demon appear out of nowhere? If we think about it logically, there must be information about such a powerful person somewhere before the incident even happened.” The only woman present, Yoselyn, replied, “It seems she did really appear out of nowhere.

There were no records of the Malevolent Demon in Eidolon Realm’s history.” James brought out his phone in an attempt to find Thea’s photo so they could verify whether the Malevolent Demon was indeed Thea.

However, his phone had ran out of battery.

Moreover, he had kept it in the Celestial Abode and it was left unused for a very long time.

As a result, his phone was also not in great condition.

James casually tossed it aside.

After a brief thought, he asked, “What does the Malevolent Demon look like? Have you seen her before?” The three siblings shook their heads.

None of them had seen the Malevolent Demon before.

In their condition at that time, they were not allowed to participate in the battle against the Malevolent Demon 30,000 years ago.

Moreover, it was rumored that the Malevolent Demon wore a mask, and no one had seen her true appearance before.

James asked again, “Then what characteristics does the Malevolent Demon have? For example, what weapon or what kind of skills do they use?” He wanted to determine whether the Malevolent Demon really was Thea by using information about her distinguishing characteristincs.

Shawn thought for a moment and said, “I did hear about something.

James’ eyes lit up immediately.

He asked excitedly, “What did you hear? Let’s hear about it.” Shawn replied, “It’s rumored the Malevolent Demon’s weapon is a black sword with a slightly curved tip.” James’ heart skipped a beat at that description.

However, Hagen retorted.

“That can’t be right… It’s rumored that the Malevolent Demon uses some strange needles.” In that moment, James held his breath to avoid giving away his excitement.

James rejoiced in his heart.

‘That must be Thea! The Malevolent Demon is definitely Thea! ‘That black sword with a curved tip must be the Malevolent Sword, and the strange needles must refer to Exalter.’ Yoselyn also added.

“I also heard the Malevolent Demon uses a unique martial art skill called the Four-Quadrant Art.

What’s more, they seem to have four different powerful forces that can be fused to form a singular devastating force.” Shawn immediately nodded and said, “Yeah.

I heard from the seniors that participated in the fight thirty thousand years ago that they saw the vision of four beasts in the sky when the Malevolent Demon used the Four- Quadrant Art.

They saw a dragon, phoenix, qilin, and turtle, as such their martial art skill was dubbed the Four-Quadrant Art.” “Haah!” James took a deep breath.

After a short conversation, he confirmed his suspicion.

The Malevolent Demon mentioned by the people of the Eidolon Realm was likely his wife, Thea.

He never expected Thea to reach the Eidolon Realm tens of thousands of years before him.

On top of that, she had also become a Quasi-Emperor.

However, why did Thea order the monster of the Great Wilderness to attack the cities within the Eidolon Realm? What happened during the tens of thousands of years since Thea’s arrival in the Boundless Realm? James had a solemn expression as he pondered these questions.


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