The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2946

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2946

James discovered that the Malevolent Demon was Thea, but he was clueless about her whereabouts.

Since Xainte was his daughter, she most likely knew where Thea was.

However, James could not find a chance to talk to Xainte and ask about Thea.

In his current circumstances, James had no choice but to wait Xainte did not go anywhere else, so everyone also remained in the area.

Everyone heard about Xainte being from the Great Wilderness and that Xainte’s mother was connected to the Malevolent Demon.

Therefore, they thought by following Xainte, they could find the Malevolent Demon and obtain its inheritance.

Many people gathered in the area.

Initially, there were only tens of thousands of people.

As time passed, hundreds of thousands of people had gathered around the area.

All those gathered were very powerful and were all at least at the Divine Rank.

James, who was only at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage, was the weakest among the crowd.

All of them could easily kill James with a snap of their finger.

However, none of them were interested in James and were focused on obtaining the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

Therefore, James was safe for the time being despite being comparatively weak.

Another month passed.

After some time, a group of people appeared in the area.

The group consisted of a couple of old men, who were injured and in terrible condition.

On the mountaintop where Xainte was, Yikron looked at the disheveled and wounded group.

He walked over and asked, “What’s the situation, Elder?” An old man with grey hair and a beard said gravely, “The Malevolent Demon is still alive.

She’s hiding inside a cave deeper within the Great Wilderness.” Xainte stood up abruptly and asked, “How is that possible? The Malevolent Demon died tens of thousands of years ago.

How can she still be alive?” The Southern Academy’s Elder replied, “It’s absolutely true.

We explored the Malevolent Demon’s cave.

There were many powerful monsters inside and we encountered a number of them.

However, they did not attack us, and we could easily enter the cave.

We met the Malevolent Demon when we traveled deeper inside.

She attacked us and chased us out of the cave.” Yikron asked, ‘Was the Malevolent Demon the one that spread the news about wanting to find a successor?” The Southern Academy’s Elder shook his head.

“I don’t know.” After speaking, he scanned the surroundings and saw the hundreds of thousands of cultivators around them.

He frowned at the sight.

“I didn’t expect the Malevolent Demon’s treasure to have attracted so much attention.

We must tread carefully.

We have to head back and discuss this with the Paragon Sect’s Leader immediately.

Then, we need to unite the powerhouses of the Eidolon Realm again to subdue the Malevolent Demon.” The Great Elder looked at Yikron and Xainte, saying, “It’s very dangerous here.

We must leave quickly.” Xainte said, “I came here to find my mother.

Back then, my mother was captured by the Malevolent Demon and served as her maid.

I must go to the Malevolent Demon’s cave to find my mother.” After speaking, she ignored the Southern Academy Elder’s attempts to dissuade her and turned around, advancing further into the Great Wilderness.

“Xainte, wait for me! I’ll come with you.” Yikron shouted and chased after Xainte.

The group of elders wore complicated expressions.

One of the elders asked, “What should we do now, Great Elder?” After thinking for a while, the Great Elder replied, “Maybe the news was really spread by the Malevolent Demon.

Perhaps she was injured and hadn’t fully recovered after thirty thousand years.

Now that she’s nearing her end, she spread the news to find herself a successor.

“Regardless of whether that’s the case, we can’t just sit still.

“We must head back first to discuss with the Paragon Sect’s Leader and work together with the five major academies to prevent the Malevolent Demon from leaving her hiding spot and ordering monsters to wreak havoc in Eidolon Realm again.” The other elders nodded, agreeing with the Great Elder.

Afterward, the group of older men left.

Meanwhile, the other people were paying attention to them.

After the elders met up with Yikron and Xainte, the two immediately rushed into the depths of the Great Wilderness.

As such, they also followed after them.


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