The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2947

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2947-James and the three Lehman siblings were still together.

Seeing Xainte depart, James immediately stood up and followed the crowd of people further into the depths of the Great Wilderness.

Although the depths of the Great Wilderness were supposedly full of dangers, James did not encounter any monsters along the way.

After traveling for a few days, he appeared in front of a massive mountain.

The mountain was hundreds of thousands of meters tall, and its peak was nowhere within sight.

On the mountaintop was a massive boulder with several vivid and ancient words engraved on it reading- Malevolent Demon Residence.

After seeing the words on the boulder, everyone clamored with excitement.

The Malevolent Demon Residence was where the Malevolent Demon cultivated.

So, They hoped to obtain the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance if they found her.

Xainte was the first to arrive.

She hovered in the sky and pondered deeply after seeing the words engraved on the boulder.

Yikron whispered a reminder from behind, “Be careful.” Xainte snapped out of her thoughts and replied lightly, “There’s nothing to worry about.

No matter how strong the Malevolent Demon is, she’s only at the QuasiEmperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.

Moreover, she was injured thirty-thousand years ago, so her fighting ability must’ve been considerably compromised.

I may be weaker than her, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll lose.” Despite her reassuring words, Xainte was actually worried about her mother.

She was well aware of what had happened to her mother.

Although Xainte did not know much about her mother, she knew her mother had suffered an Energy Deviation and had lost her rationality.

Xainte was not sure whether the Malevolent Demon would even recognize her own daughter.

She slowly descended from the sky and landed on the ground.

There was a stone wall with a gate and mysterious words carved on it.

Xainte walked over to the stone gate.

She raised her hand, and a strong force pushed open the door.

After the stone gate had opened, she quickly rushed inside.

By the time Yikron realized what had happened, Xainte had already rushed through the stone gate.

He chased after her but eventually lost track of Xainte.

“What is she doing?” Yikron frowned.

He could not figure out why Xainte wanted to avoid him.

Many others also eyeing the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance appeared at the stone gate and rushed inside without hesitation.

Although knowing they were risking their lives by entering the Malevolent Demon Residence, they wanted to hold onto the hope that the rumor about the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance was real and that they had a chance to obtain it.

Obtaining the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance would allow them to become nigh unstoppable.

Therefore, they did not hesitate to risk their lives.

James also followed the crowd into the Malevolent Demon’s Residence.

The Malevolent Demon’s Residence was a natural cave that had been slightly restructured.

It consisted of winding passages, and the people that entered the cave all chose random paths to travel in.

After James entered Thea’s residence, he bid farewell to the Lehman siblings.

“Goodbye, guys.

I wish you the best of luck in obtaining the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.’’ After he bid them farewell, James chose one of the passages and made his way deeper.

He wanted to meet up with Thea before everyone else.


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