The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2948

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2948-The Malevolent Demon Residence was a cave where Thea cultivated.

The paths inside the cave extended in various directions.

James randomly chose a path and quickly moved through it.

After traveling for a while, he encountered some other people.

These people were gathered together in a group and began talking in low voices.

“This must be a formation set up by the Malevolent Demon.

She’s probably testing us.

We’ll have to break the formation before we can obtain her inheritance.” “You may be onto something.

That must be it.

The Malevolent Demon is one of the Eidolon Realm’s greatest powerhouses.

She hasn’t become a Grand Emperor, yet she was able to seriously injure one.

It makes sense that she wants her successor to be excellent in every aspect.” “This formation is pretty strong.

How can we break through it?” Many powerhouses huddled together.

As James approached, he overheard their chatter.

Only then did he realize that a formation was blocking the path ahead.

He had to first break the formation if he wanted to advance further.

James was surprised to see two familiar people.

One was Xainte, and the other was Yikron.

Many people were ahead of him, and he could not squeeze through the crowd.

Thus, he had to wait in the back.

However, he paid close attention to everything that was happening ahead.

In the front was another stone gate blocked by colorful rays of light.

The rays of light intersected and overlapped, forming a spectacular scene.

Meanwhile, a few people were lying on the ground.

These people were unaware of the formation and were injured when they tried to advance hastily.

At that moment, everyone was watching Xainte’s every move.

Xainte was the strongest among them, and if anyone could break the formation, it would definitely be her.

Xainte looked at the formation before them.

Seeing the numerous people around her, a frown formed on her face.

She did not want them following her to the deepest parts of the cave to meet the Malevolent Demon.

“I can’t break the formation.” She looked at the crowd and said helplessly, “Going further through this passage isn’t possible.

We should go around to see if there are other passages.” Despite her advice to find a different route, Xainte remained in place.

When they saw her stay in place, the crowd also refused to disperse.

Xainte had a solemn expression, seeing that no one was turning away.

She began thinking about how to get rid of the crowd.

After thinking for a while, she carefully observed the formation.

She thought of bypassing the formation without obliterating it.

In front of the stone gate were colorful lights crisscrossing to form a magical pattern.

Xainte had learned about formations before and was rather familiar with them.

She stared at the light rays, and they gradually faded away into mysterious words.

The words changed constantly and formed countless variations in a short period.

About ten minutes passed.

During this time, Xainte had already figured out how to enter the formation.

She took a step forward.

Seeing her advance, everyone else followed suit.

Xainte looked around.

She smiled slightly and her body became a flash of light, passing through the formation unharmed.

Many people from the crowd wanted to follow her, but they did not dare to rush blindly through the formation.

Xainte entered the formation under everyone’s vigilant gaze and vanished to the other side.

After passing through, Xainte turned around and looked at the people outside the formation.

She smirked and continued to advance further.

The people outside knew how powerful the formation was, and that it was powerful enough to cause a Divine Ranked person to become seriously wounded or even die.

“What should we do?” “What’s going on with Xainte? How is she able to enter alone?” “I don’t care anymore! I’m going to go all out!” One of the powerhouses was unwilling to give up.

He drew upon all his strength and rushed toward the formation.

After he entered the intersecting rays of light, he was immediately struck by a terrifying force.


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