The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2961

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2961-“Precisely.” James nodded.

‘You should head back outside first,” said Jabari.

James did not spend another second within the Celestial Abode, and his Primordial Spirit quickly returned to his physical body.

At that moment, Jabari observed the patterns carved on the stone wall of the Celestial Abode. In the past, he traveled the universe and had explored many perilous locales.

Therefore, he had a lot of knowledge about the Primeval Age and the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

After observing the stone wall for a while, Jabari finally identified several clues.

“James, this is the pattern of a Sacred Blossom.”

“Sacred Blossom?”

James was startled. He had heard of Sacred Blossoms before.

They were mysterious existences that took an epoch, more precisely, 4.9 billion years, to flower and wither.

Jabari explained, “It’s an image of a Sacred Blossom, but it’s been jumbled up. It’s a formation and you’ll have to rearrange it to form the complete image to deactivate the formation.

“Unfortunately, there are very few people who know about Sacred Blossoms. Even those who do won’t be able to piece this puzzle together. Every petal on the Sacred Blossom represents a cultivation path. Only one that completely understands all the cultivation paths on the Sacred Blossom can piece this puzzle together.

“I’m surprised there is someone in the Boundless Realm that understands Sacred Blossoms well enough to set up such a formation. This powerhouse must be a Grand Emperor who has achieved many great things.”

James was surprised by his words.

Since this was Thea’s cave, logically speaking, it must have been set up by her. However, he also learned that Thea came to the Eidolon Realm tens of thousands of years earlier than him. Thea’s cultivation rank improved rapidly during this period, but she was still at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.

‘Could she have already become a highly accomplished Grand Emperor?*

After thinking for a while, James put these complicated questions aside. He turned to

Emperor Jabari. “Are you able to solve the puzzle and deactivate the formation?”

Jabari replied, “Of course.”

“Haah!” James took a deep breath.

He scanned the crowd and noticed none of them could figure out the patterns engraved on the stone wall despite having observed it for a long time.

Even powerhouses like Xainte, Yikron, and Jules were unable to decipher that the patterns made up a Sacred Blossom.

James suddenly opened his mouth and said loudly, “The puzzle relates to a Sacred Blossom.”

As soon as he spoke, everyone fell silent.

Everyone stared at James.

Yikron immediately began insulting him. “A Sacred Blossom? You’re not even in the Divine Rank yet. How would you know what a Sacred Blossom is? It’s best you shut up if you don’t know anything.”

Xainte glared at Yikron and said, “How do you know he doesn’t know anything?”

“Xainte, I…”

Yikron wanted to explain himself, but Xainte did not give him a chance.

Xainte approached James and asked, “Did you say this puzzle’s key is a Sacred Blossom?”

James nodded. ‘Yeah.”

At that moment, everyone present looked at James intently. They were curious to hear what a weak human who had not even reached the Sage Rank had to say.


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