The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2962

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2962-Most of them shared similar opinions about James.

James was merely a cultivator at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage. What would he know about Sacred Blossoms?

Even if he happened to know about them, it was most likely from reading records of them in ancient books.

How could a cultivator with such a low rank recognize that the patterns on the stone formed a Sacred Blossom?

To top that, so many powerhouses were present, yet none of them was able to figure it out.

“A Sacred Blossom? It’s best to stay quiet if you don’t understand anything. Do you even know what Sacred Blossoms are?”

At that moment, a man walked out of the crowd. He had a human appearance but had a pair of black wings on his back.

His nose was slightly pointed, which was somewhat unusual.

The bird-looking man had been observing Xainte for a long time but could not find a chance to strike up a conversation. He seized his chance and walked over to her.

With the demeanor of a gentleman, he introduced himself,” Hello, Xainte. I’m the young master of the Black Eagles. My family happens to have an ancient book that has records of Sacred Blossoms. If you’re interested, I can explain it to you in detail.”Xainte’s brows wrinkled in displeasure. Although she wanted to decline, she remained silent and simply looked at the man.

Since Xainte did not reject him, the man explained excitedly, “Sacred Blossoms are very mythical flowers and have existed since the beginning of the universe.

“It’s speculated that countless cultivation paths will unravel when the SacredBlossoms are in full bloom. The petals of the Sacred Blossoms each represent a cultivation path.

“From my understanding, there is a strange petal in the center of a Sacred Blossom, representing Karma.

“Apart from the center petal, there are five more petals.

“The five petals each represent the other Five Cultivation Paths-Time, Space, Life, Death, and Reincarnation.

“The next layer represents other special cultivation paths such as Yin and Yang, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, and the like.

“The outermost petals represent the remaining cultivation paths in the universe.

‘Witnessing the moment Sacred Blossoms bloom is a perfect chance to comprehend the various cultivation paths. However, it’s rare to find places where Sacred Blossoms bloom. In the entire history of the Boundless Realm, Sacred Blossoms have only been spotted once.

“Moreover, a Sacred Blossom’s lifespan is four billion and nine hundred million years also known as an epoch or a reincarnation cycle.”

The bird-looking man rambled on incessantly. He was very eloquent and gained the approval of many other powerhouses. Most of them had also heard myths of Sacred Blossoms, but none could explain it in as much detail as the bird-looking man.

The man looked toward James with a smug smile. Then, he said, “What do you know about Sacred Blossoms?”

James did not know much about Sacred Blossoms, and all he knew were the same things Emperor Jabari had explained mere moments ago.

He pointed toward the stone wall ahead and said, “I don’t know much about them. I only recognized that this formation is a puzzle related to a Sacred Blossom.

James turned to Xainte and continued to speak, ‘To break the formation, we’ll have to rearrange the puzzle into a Sacred Blossom. Only powerhouses that truly understand various cultivation paths can complete the puzzle.”

Xainte looked at James and asked, “Are you sure?”

James nodded and said, “Mhm. I’m sure the patterns will form a complete picture of a Sacred Blossom.”

Hearing this, Xainte began observing the patterns before her. After staring at it for a prolonged period, she could not figure out anything, let alone know how to rearrange them. She looked at the other powerhouses and asked, “Does anyone understand Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formations?”

Many powerhouses shook their heads in response.

Yikron immediately stepped forward, saying, “Do you really believe this brat, Xainte? He’s simply spouting nonsense. A Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation? He hasn’t even seen a Sacred Blossom before, so how could he know it’s a Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation?”

‘That’s right.”

“He must be talking nonsense.”

“I agree. He’s probably just looking for an opportunity to get close to Xainte.” Many powerhouses expressed their disapproval of James.


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