The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4412

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4412-‘I have confidence in Xezal’s capabilities.

‘Even if James Caden does appear at the Cloud Realm later on, Xezal alone is more than enough to kill him. What’s more, countless skilled and powerful cultivators from the other races will be also be there.

‘All I have to do now is wait. I just need to wait for Wyot to get the Blithe Omniscience and deliver it back to me. By then, Soren will also be dead.’ Youri plotted silently.

A sinister grin hung on his face.

While some of the strongest and most experienced cultivators from various races prepared to leave for the Cloud Realm, James brought along the tokens and headed for the land of the Cloud Race at once.

Soon enough, James and Xezal arrived outside the Cloud Universe.

“How confident are you at getting Soren Plamen to surrender the Blithe Omniscience?” James heard Xezal’s voice coming from behind him.

Staring at the Cloud Universe before him, James shook his head lightly. “I’m not too optimistic about it. It could easily happen either way.”

“I wanted people from the other races to gather at the Cloud Realm for the execution of Soren Plamen so we can lure

James Caden there. Sir Youri’s initial orders to kill the other humans would never be able to draw him out.” James tried to offer a good and solid reason for his current plan.

Both James and Xezal fell silent after those words left his lips.

“You are playing with fire.”

A response came after a rather, long pause.

Upon hearing her words, James turned around and gazed at the dark figure behind him. He could only see the faint, dark silhouette of a woman. It almost felt as though this grayish, ethereal form would disappear at any moment.

“What do you mean by that?” James had a confused expression on his face.

However, Xezal just remained silent.

James did not try to press her for an answer. He could feel that there was something more to her words. Yet, he could not quite figure out what it was at the moment. James swiftly decided to put the matter aside. Then, he entered the Cloud Universe and headed for the Cloud Realm.

Meanwhile, a huge crowd had gathered outside the main hall located within the grounds of the Cloud Race’s territory. Fitzroy, the Patriarch of the Cloud Race, and the Cloud Race’s elders were waiting anxiously by the main hall’s entrance.

“Mr. Fitzroy, the Dooms are planning to gather cultivators from all over the Greater Realms at our territory to execute

Soren Plamen. Won’t this plan put our people at risk?” One of the elders asked.

Fitzroy was wearing a long, gray robe. The old man had a deep crease on his forehead.

“I don’t doubt they intend to kill Soren. However, their ultimate goal is most likely to lure that powerful human cultivator, James Caden, here. If James does show up here later on, our homeland will inevitably turn into a battlefield. The battles and destruction that’ll follow will probably destroy the Cloud Realm or even worse, the entire Cloud Universe.”

Fitzroy had made a fairly accurate guess about the Doom Race’s plans. Then, he asked, “Have we finished evacuating our people?”

Another elder replied, “Most of our people have been escorted away from the Cloud Universe and into another universe nearby. Only necessary staff members currently remain.”

Just then, a man and a shadow-like figure materialized outside the entrance to the Cloud Race’s territory.

“Mr. Wyot, the Great Elder of the Doom Race, is here. Open the gate!” Fitzroy ordered upon seeing their guests.

As the Mountain Formation was deactivated, the gate to the Cloud Race’s territory opened. Guards were stationed on both sides along the path leading to the main hall. All of them got down on one knee and greeted the guest respectfully.

“Welcome, Mr. Wyot!”

The Cloud Race was no longer in the ranks of the Ten Great Races ever since they had lost contact with their Grand Patriarch. They were prudent enough to welcome the Great Elder of the Doom Race with great hospitality since the man outranked them.

James made his way to the main hall.


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