The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4413

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4413-“Welcome, Mr. Wyot!”

Fitzroy and the Cloud Race’s elders offered their greetings as soon as James arrived at the entrance of the main hall.

“Mhm.” James gave a slight nod.

Fitzroy stepped closer toward James. “Mr. Wyot, we have prepared your lodgings. Do let us know if you have any requests. We’ll do our best to accommodate the Dooms.”

James looked at Fitzroy. “We’ll wait for cultivators from the other races to reach here and discuss more about our next step then.”

“Please come this way.” Fitzroy gestured to a nearby path.

The man led James to a huge manor located in a quiet and secluded area. Inside the villa, James could see thousands of gorgeous and alluring chambermaids from the Cloud Race waiting in the front hall to greet him.

It was no secret that Wyot Dalibor liked beautiful women. However, James immediately instructed the servants to leave the manor as he needed privacy.

Eventually, James was the only person left in the manor. He sat in a chair in the lounge. With his fingers interlaced, he stared into the distance and fell into deep thought.

‘The plan I’ve come up with so far is to gather as many of the Greater Realms’ top cultivators as possible in the Cloud Realm. At the same time, I’ll put up a super-formation that’ll cover the entire Cloud Realm. Once they are all here, I’ll eliminate as many of those cultivators as possible and show the others what humans are capable of.

‘Even if I don’t kill off all of them, I’d make sure to severely cripple their manpower. I will avenge the deaths of countless humans brutally murdered by these people.

‘However, I need time to execute this plan. A formation that completely secures an area as large as the Cloud Realm, and has the power to trap skilled and experienced cultivators will require a lot of time to be assembled.

‘Moreover, Xezal’s here on Youri’s orders. With her around, there’s a high chance she might catch on to my plans. I need to think of a way to get her off my back.

‘Anyhow, my main focus here is to save Soren. That is the foremost reason why I’ve come here. Even if I can’t exact revenge on the other races, I must get Soren out of here, one way or another.’ James concluded inwardly.

While James tried to refine his plans, a gray silhouette silently materialized behind him. He was completely oblivious to Xezal’s sudden appearance.

“What are you thinking about?” The soothing voice of a woman came from behind him.

James lifted his gaze and looked over his shoulder. When he spotted the dark figure, James replied calmly, “I’m thinking about how to proceed. I’m also devising different ways we can obtain the Blithe Omniscience. After obtaining

the Blithe Omniscience, what are the things we can do to lure James Caden out of hiding? We need to capture that man who is a great threat to the safety of our people and Sir Youri.”

Xezal responded, “Let’s talk about that once the other cultivators have gathered here.”

“Mhm.” James nodded in agreement.

Xezal vanished right after saying that. James quickly tried to sense her movements and whereabouts but was unsuccessful. He could not even detect any changes in his surroundings.

‘I need to figure out a way to meet Soren alone. I must make sure that Xezal has no way of secretly following me during the meeting. If she somehow discovers my true identity, that’ll ruin my plan to rescue Soren.’ James thought.


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