The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4414

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4414-James was concerned about the fact that he could not detect Xezal’s presence or location no matter how hard he tried. After a moment’s consideration, he decided to stay put and lay low for the time being.

For the next several days, James did not take a step out of the manor. He set up a formation around the building. Any living being that tried to enter or leave the formation would activate the formation, and James would be immediately alerted. However, it was still possible for someone to stealthily get past the barrier if they knew how to undo the formation without triggering any of the sigils.

James knew that the formation might not be effective enough to keep Xezal out. Still, he went ahead and set it up as a preventive measure.

During that period, James contacted Thea by using the sigil. Soon enough, he heard Thea’s voice in his mind. “James, is something the matter?”

James replied, “I’m currently inside the Cloud Race’s territory. I am planning to get all of the top cultivators of the Greater Realms to gather at the Cloud Realm so that I can wipe them out in one go.”

“Unfortunately, Xezal Dalibor was ordered to accompany me to the Cloud Realm too. I can’t do much with her constant surveillance. I need someone who can help me with my plan, and you’re the only person I can think of that is suitable for the task. You should find a way to enter the Cloud Realm and try to approach me. I will get the formation inscriptions ready so that you can help me set up the formation around the Cloud Realm.”


Thea decided fairly quickly. “I’ll prepare to leave for the Cloud Realm at once. I’m going to use the fake identity and disguise I used when I was last seen with you.”

After he had finished instructing Thea, James started working on the formation inscriptions.

‘I need to focus on making these formation inscriptions. Also, I have to think of ways to buy time for us.

‘Setting up a super-formation is an extremely timeconsuming process. Any attempts to save time by skipping any of the steps will only weaken the effects of the formation.’ James thought.

James set up a time formation in his room and began making the formation inscriptions right away. He also put the completed inscriptions away in his storage for safekeeping.

Before he realized it, a year had passed while he busied himself with his preparations.

In that time, almost all of the top cultivators of the Greater Realms had arrived at the Cloud Realm. Even some extremely skilled rogue cultivators had also gathered there after learning about the Doom Race’s plan.

James was trying to perfect a formation inscription when he sensed something had triggered the formation cast over the manor. Someone had tried to come closer to the manor but the formation prevented them from doing so.

James undid the time formation and headed out of the manor. As soon as he spotted the dark figure standing outside the formation, he deactivated the manor’s formation right away.

Xezal walked toward James and stopped before him.” We’ve been here for a year now. You haven’t made any arrangements or told us about your plans during this time. Furthermore, you’ve just been staying inside the manor, and you even cast a formation to keep everyone out. What have you been working on in this place?”

James flashed her a smile. ”l was trying to master the Chaos Sacred Art, and I didn’t want anyone disturbing me.”

“I see. Anyway, about that formation of yours…”


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