The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4417

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4417-After saying that, Xezal turned around and walked off.

James watched as she disappeared into the distance. Then, he lifted his arm and put up the formation over the manor once more. After that, he got up from his seat and headed to the main hall.

When he entered the main hall, James noticed that hundreds of thousands of cultivators had gathered there. Most of them were either clan leaders or the elders of a sect or organization.

Shockingly, the majority were Acmeans. James was quite surprised to see that so many Acmeans had shown up for the occasion.

‘People usually say that only the Ten Great Races have members who are Acmeans and that it’s difficult to find skilled cultivators in the Greater Realms. If a particular race or organization had members that successfully reached the Acme Rank, their reputation and status would rise significantly.

‘In truth, there are many Acmeans who choose to remain anonymous and unknown in the Greater Realms.’ James thought.

James took a glance around the hall. He could tell that there were more than 3,000 Acmeans in that space.

‘I believe these people represent a small fraction of all the Acmeans that can be found throughout the Greater Realms. I’m guessing there’s actually a surprisingly high number of Acmeans.’ James pondered.

Just then, James spotted a few familiar faces among the crowd. Almost all of the patriarchs of the Ten Great Races had shown up. He could see Gaerel Wagstaff from the Ursas and Jethro Amani of the Angel Race standing at one side of the hall.

All eyes were on James as he made his way to the seat placed at the most conspicuous spot in the hall.

After James had taken his seat, the Cloud Race’s patriarch, Fitzroy, stepped out of the crowd and bowed slightly. “Mr. Wyot, the top cultivators of the Greater Realms have all gathered here. Please tell us what’s the next step in your plan and what orders you have for us.”

Gaerel reminded James before the man could start. “Wyot, we agreed previously that all of us should be present to witness Soren’s execution.”

James smiled. “Of course. I can’t possibly exterminate Soren on my own. This task is only possible with the help of all of you. Also, killing Soren is just one part of the entire plan. Another thing we must do is to lure James Caden here.”

He continued, “Once James Caden shows himself, we need to attack him with as many people as we can spare. With him being severely outnumbered, I’m sure it’s enough to take him down.”

“Once James is dead, the humans will lose their best fighter along with their providence. I’m sure the luck of each and every race here will improve, and we will be able to build a glorious and exciting future together.”

James turned his eyes to the crowd. He spotted Thea, who had put on a disguise and was standing quietly at a corner of the hall. James also saw Yemima among the attendees. A small frown formed on his lips. However, he merely remained silent.

The Soul-Demon Monster of the Soul Race asked at that moment, “Can you tell us more about the details of your plans? What exactly would you need us to do?”

James replied, “I don’t have a specific set of details for my plan. The main purpose of inviting all of you here is to exterminate Soren once I obtain the Blithe Omniscience from him. Also, all of you should keep an eye out for James Caden. If any of you happen to catch sight of that man, kill him immediately! That’s all you have to be aware of.”

“When are we going to kill Soren Plamen?” Zusman, the Patriarch of the Stone Race, asked.

James said, “It depends on when Soren is willing to surrender the Blithe Omniscience. Unfortunately, it might require some time to persuade the man to do so. Therefore, all of you should settle down here and firstly get enough rest. I will make another announcement when everything is ready.”

James stood up the next instant. “All of you are dismissed.”

After that, he strode toward Thea with a soft smile on his face. Then, he led her out of the hall with his hand on her waist.

At the same time, a lot of people were stealing glances in Yemima’s direction. However, she seemed unfazed about what had just happened.

‘I know who that lady is and I know that Wyot has doted on her before.’ Yemima thought.

James’ actions did not raise any of the others’ suspicions as most of them had already heard of the rumors about Wyot being a womanizer.


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