The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4418

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4418-James brought Thea to the manor he stayed at. Since he had activated the formation before leaving for the meeting earlier, James was certain that he had kept Xezal out of the place.

After entering the house, James cast a few more formations to prevent anyone from spying on them by using Zens.

When both of them had settled down in the living room, Thea asked, “What’s the plan for now?”

James explained, “It’s difficult for me to move around the Cloud Realm to set up the formation given my current circumstances. I already completed part of the formation inscriptions needed for the super-formation. You’ll take those inscriptions with you and discreetly set them up at suitable locations around the Cloud Realm after this.”

James lifted his palm and conjured the formation inscriptions that he had made so far. Then, he gave them all to Thea. After that, he also told Thea what she should do and who to watch out for when putting up the formation inscriptions.

Once they were done going through his plans, James set up a time formation around the room and began making formation inscriptions for the super-formation again.

For the next three years, James and Thea stayed inside the manor. The two of them would discuss and refine their plans from time to time.

‘I’ve spent the last three years working on the inscriptions. Now, we are finally done preparing to set up the superformation. Still, this might not be enough to keep all those skilled cultivatorstrapped for as long as I planned.

‘I need more time to prepare for my plan. However, I can’t stay in this house and drag things out any longer. The others are bound to grow suspicious if I do that. It’s time for me to leave this manor.’ James thought.

When James deactivated the formation around the manor to let Thea leave, Xezal was finally able to enter the house and meet James. She had been waiting outside the formation for a long time.

“Are you going to meet with Soren now?” The grayish, shadow-like figure asked.

“Yes.” James had a bright smile on his face.

Xezal went on asking, “Do you prefer to go alone? Or do you want me to come with you?”

While keeping his gaze on Xezal, James could not help but sense that there was something more to her words.

However, James knew that it was important that he went to see Soren alone.

After a brief pause, James said, “I think it’s best that I go alone. Soren would probably keep his guard up if he saw you there. That’ll make the process of getting the Blithe Omniscience even harder.”

“Alright.” Xezal did not make any further comments. Then, the lady turned around and headed out of the manor.

After James had confirmed that he was the only one left in the house, he set up the formation again. Then, he made his way to the Cloud Race’s sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Thea had left the manor and headed to Ycefall City, a city located within the Cloud Race’s territory. She decided not to put up the formation inscriptions yet since she sensed that someone was following her.

Eventually, Thea settled down at one of the spiritual mountains in Ycefall City.

While she sat on a chair in the lounge, a lady in a white dress appeared and walked toward her.

It was Yemima.

Thea pointed toward another chair nearby and said, “Have a seat.”

Yemima sat down and looked at Thea.

“You can name your price now.”


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