The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4422

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4422-It had been five thousand years since James came to the Cloud Race’s territory.

He had visited Soren several times but was only putting on a show for the powerhouses to see.

Soren was also cooperating with him. He started by acting stubborn, then even requested to be set free for him to hand over the Blithe Omniscience.

Over the past one thousand years, James stayed inside his manor’s time formation creating formation inscriptions.

Now, they were already completed. It was time to execute his plan.

Before coming to the hall, James had met up with Thea and passed her the formation inscriptions he had created over the past thousand years.

While a thousand years had passed outside, James had spent eons within the time formation.

He had carefully crafted a formation that even Xezal could not break.

Under the countless gazes, James entered the hall. He walked to the highest seat in the hall and sat down.

As soon as James was seated, Gaerel asked, “You’ve finally shown up, Wyot! It’s already been thousands of years. When are we going to kill Soren?”

The powerhouses present only cared about Soren’s life and death. They were not bothered about whether James obtained the Blithe Omniscience.

“Yeah, when can we kill him?”

‘You should give us a rough estimation.”

“Delaying his death sentence isn’t a good idea.”

The powerhouses in the hall expressed their concerns.

James waved his hand, and the noisy hall immediately fell silent.

Everyone’s eyes fixated on James, waiting for him to share his plan.

James scanned the hall, stood up, and said, “I’ll go meet Soren and give him one last chance to hand over the Blithe Omniscience. If he refuses, then we’ll wipe out the Human Race.

His voice resounded throughout the hall.

‘This will be Soren and the humans’ last chance. Wait for me to return. If I don’t come back with the Blithe Omniscience, I’ll need everyone to assist me in killing the humans in the Greater Realm, starting from the Cloud Universe.”

James’ expression showed hostility.

Many powerhouses thought James had genuine was hostile toward the humans Little did they know danger was close to knocking on their doors.

After James finished speaking, he walked out of the main hall and approached the forbidden area behind the Cloud Race’s mountain.

Soon, James appeared in the forbidden area. However, many of the powerhouses followed behind him.

He turned around, looked at the powerhouses behind him, and said, “I’ll head inside alone. Everyone should wait for me in the main hall.”

James was unsure what kind of fluctuations would be caused after he used the ten tokens to open the formation. Thus, he did not want these powerhouses waiting outside of the formation. Otherwise, they might sense the fluctuation and rush into it together.

It would be very troublesome if that were to happen.

The powerhouses exchanged glances at each other.

James urged his Chaos Power and shouted, “Go back and wait!”

He was currently at the Quasi Boundless Supreme Path Rank and was incredibly powerful with his Chaotic Power. Apart from peerless powerhouses, most of them were pushed backward. Their eardrums felt numb, and their minds went blank.

“Let’s head back to wait.”

Gaerel suggested and left with the Ursa powerhouses.

The powerhouses of the Soul Race, Stone Race, Angel Race, and the other races left the forbidden area.

After everyone had left, James stepped through the crack in the formation. Soon, he arrived at the place where Soren was trapped.

As soon as he appeared, a black palace emerged.

The palace was composed of countless formation inscriptions. Numerous mysterious lines crisscrossed.

James shouted, “Mr. Soren, I’m here again. I will give you one last chance to hand over the Blithe Omniscience.

Otherwise, I’m going to lead powerhouses to besiege and wipe out the humans. We’ll start with the humans hiding in the Cloud Universe and slowly kill all of them in the Greater Realms.”

Soren shouted coldly, “Get lost…”

Meanwhile, James was secretly communicating telepathically with Soren.

“Mr. Soren, I’ve already prepared the formation. Thea is setting up the formation right now. It should be done anytime soon now. When it’s completed, I can activate it, and the Cloud Universe’s communications with the outside will be severed.”

Soren replied, “Well done. After this battle, the Greater Realm’s various races will suffer heavy losses and will have to think twice about attacking the Human Race.”

“How can I help you out of the formation? If I use the ten tokens, will it cause too many fluctuations?”


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