The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4424

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4424-Swoosh!!!

Countless powerhouses appeared in the forbidden area.

Meanwhile, James was inside the formation, watching the black palace slowly disappear. He was overjoyed that the humans’ strongest cultivator, Soren, was finally about to be freed.

Just seconds later, his face darkened. He asked anxiously,” Mr. Soren, how long will it take for the formation to completely disintegrate?”

James sensed the powerful auras outside the formation and began to panic.


A loud bang came from the formation. It was forcibly breached, and the powerhouses entered the plain.

“It’s going to take about one day.”

Soren’s voice resounded inside the formation.

“One day?” James frowned.

James was worried about whether he could hold off the many powerhouses for one day.

The powerhouses forcibly broke through the outermost layer of the formation and rushed over to James. As soon as they caught sight of him, they questioned him, “What are you

doing, Wyot?!!”

“What’s the progress, Thea?”

James did not respond to them. Instead, he quickly contacted Thea.

“I’m almost done. After I set up the last section of formation inscriptions, we’ll be set to go.”


After confirming the progress, James secretly activated the formation around the Cloud Realm.


The powerhouses approached James and quickly noticed the black palace that was slowly disappearing.

One of the powerhouses shouted, “The formation has been opened. Don’t let Soren leave! He’s powerful, but he’s been trapped here for a very long time. His strength is no longer what it used to be. Let’s unite and obliterate him before he escapes the formation.”

“What are you guys doing?!!” James shouted and immediately unleashed his powerful aura.

He flashed in front of the black palace and blocked their paths. Then, he warned them, “I have the final say here. Get out of the formation right now!”

Gaerel asked coldly, “Please explain yourself, Wyot. Why do you have the final token?”

The Soul-Demon Master stepped to the front, glared at

James, and asked coldly, ‘The Cloud Race’s token is supposed to be with James Caden. But you somehow managed to collect all ten tokens to open the formation. You better give us an explanation, or else this place will be your grave.”

James was faced with countless powerhouses. Most of them had participated in the battle in the Primordial Realm to wipe out the humans. Thus, they were against the idea of letting Soren roam free again.

Granted their suspicion that James was really impersonating Wyot, they planned to unite and kill him.

James replied calmly, “My patriarch handed it to me. He instructed me to come here and obtain the Blithe

Omniscience. Since Soren is unwilling to hand it over to me, I’ve no choice but to meet his demand and let him out of the formation. He agreed to give me the Blithe Omniscience as long as he was freed.

“I’ve already promised to protect him after freeing him from the formation, so you guys better keep your hands off him. Whoever hurts him will become an enemy of the Dooms.”

James began bluffing them, trying to stall for as much time as possible.

Once Soren was free, it would mark the start of their battle.


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