The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4431

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4431-Although dozens of the powerhouses attacked the formation, James could keep them away for now.

After repelling the powerhouses, James quickly made a move against them.

His body flickered through the space, and every time he reappeared, he would slash his sword to unleash dazzling Sword Energy.

Countless Sword Energies filled the area in just a short moment.

Then, he summoned a few mysterious inscriptions and combined them with the Sword Energies to form a powerful Sword World, trapping all his opponents.

After constructing the Sword World, James relocated the black palace again.

The black palace was teleported to a desolate place in the Cloud Universe. The Death Demon was covered in injuries but still remained on guard in front of the black palace with his eleven death spirits.

The Death Demon scanned his surroundings warily.

Meanwhile, the dozens of powerhouses were trapped in James’ Sword World.

Countless Sword Energies fell from the sky and attacked them. The powerhouses could feel the terrifying oppression

of James’ Sword Path Power.

James hovered in the sky, and the Chaos’ Nine Voices’ Second Tone rang in his mind. The tone produced mysterious sigils and power, which submerged into the Death-Celestial Sword.

The Death-Celestial Sword hummed and vibrated. Suddenly, a Sword Energy, accompanied by a magical sound wave, erupted from the sword.

A mysterious sound echoed throughout the Sword World.

The sound caused a buzzing in their ears and their minds to go blank. The terrifying force injured their bodies and damaged their souls.

The powerhouses combined their strength to counterattack James.


A Sword Energy shot toward James.

James’ body suddenly disappeared. The next moment, he had already appeared in another area.

However, the Sword Energy relentlessly chased after him. As soon as he appeared, the Sword Energy pierced through his body. A bloody hole formed and blood overflowed.

Meanwhile, a person had silently appeared nearby with a dazzling rapier.

The rapier emitted a golden glow and contained terrifying power.

James immediately recognized the sword’s aura.

Xezal had summoned the Moonlit Sword.

“A Caelum Acmean God Weapon?”

Blood dripped from James’ lips as he stared at Xezal.

Xezal floated in the air and said, “I’m not going to hold back anymore.”

James had constructed a Sword World to temporarily trap the powerhouses.

He also used the Chaos’ Nine Voices’ Second Tone to injure the trapped powerhouses.

The injured powerhouses were unable to break the Sword World anytime soon.

However, James had consumed a lot of his energy. He did not have much strength left.

Apart from the powerful rapier, James noticed that Xezal’s aura had increased again.

Her aura had already surpassed the Terra Acme Rank.

James had encountered a similar aura when Yardos entered the Caelum Acme Rank.

“It’s the aura of a Caelum Acmean.” James glared at her and asked, “You’ve already entered the Caelum Acme Rank?”

Xezal replied, “Not really. I’m merely at the Quasi Caelum Acme Rank. I know I wouldn’t be able to kill you with my

previous strength, so I used a Secret Art to forcibly enter the Caelum Acme Rank.”

After speaking, Xezal pointed her rapier at James, and a powerful aura permeated the air.


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