The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4432

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4432-Xezal had already been using her full strength to fight James.

She was at the Quasi Caelum Acme Rank. Her strength was above James but not enough to overpower and kill him.

Now that she had activated a Secret Art, James felt desperate.

Wynton was the one opponent that had made him feel such despair.

James had encountered countless powerhouses with similar auras, like Yardos and the Boundless Master. However, none of them were his enemies.

Xezal floated in the air with her rapier, which emitted a blinding radiance.

Meanwhile, James quickly healed his injuries.

His goal was to stall for time.

As long as he bought enough time, Soren would be freed from the formation.

After Soren was out of the formation, he could slaughter the powerhouses in the Cloud Universe. Even though he might not be able to wipe out all the Terra Acmeans, many of the powerhouses would die in his hands.

Thea, who was watching from the dark, sensed Xezal’s powerful aura.

Being a powerhouse that used to be at the peak of the Terra Acme Rank, Thea managed to retain her Divine Senses even after the battle in the Primordial Realm. Thus, she was capable of detecting Xezal’s powerful aura.

Thea immediately sensed that Xezal had entered the Caelum Acme Rank.


A vibration began spreading throughout the Cloud Realm.

Xezal sprung into action. She appeared before James in a flash and slashed her long sword, unleashing a bright golden Sword Energy.

James raised the Death-Celesital Sword to parry the attack.

The golden Sword Energy clashed with the Death-Celestial Sword. A powerful force permeated the sword and crept into James’ arm. He instantly suffered damage along his arm, which spread to his body.

James’ body began to show signs of falling apart.

Fortunately, he could hold his body together with his Chaos Power.

After James’ parried the Sword Energy, Xezal slashed at him with the Moonlit Sword.

However, James had already disappeared from sight.

He had used the Blithe Omniscience to dodge Xezal’s deadly attack and quickly moved to a desolate area in the

Cloud Realm.

Unfortunately, his efforts were useless. The golden sword chased him and pierced his chest without warning. Shortly after, an explosion burst in his chest, and potent Sword Energies spread in his body.

James’ body was covered with injuries.

Although his physical strength was on par with a powerhouse at the late stage of the Terra Acme Rank, Xezal’s strength was too overpowering, and she could easily break his defenses.

James’ face distorted, making him terrifying and ferocious.

He leaped into the sky, and his body rapidly flickered around Xezal. Countless Sword Energies emerged and combined with some mysterious inscriptions to form a Sword World.

Xezal was immediately confined within James’ Sword World, and countless Sword Energies descended toward her from all directions like meteorites.

Faced with the Sword Energies, Xezal urged her powers to form a golden protective barrier.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The crisp clanging noises from the Sword Energies colliding with her protective barrier resounded throughout the Sword World.

Xezal’s barrier was robust, and James’ Sword Energies could not injure her.

James’ face became solemn at the sight.

A Caelum Acmean was too strong for him.

His strength was considered to be at the top of the Greater Realms, yet he still felt powerless in the face of a Caelum Acmean.

In fact, Xezal was not considered a real Caelum Acmean as she had used a Secret Art to enter the rank. Despite that, James was having a hard time against her.


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