The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4433

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4433-Xezal raised her head to the sky and roared, “Break!”

She lifted her Caelum Acmean God Weapon and unleashed a powerful Sword Energy, which soared into the sky.


James’ Sword World was shattered instantly.

After Xezal destroyed the Sword World, James suffered a backlash. His body was blasted away, and he spat a mouthful of blood.

Xezal quietly appeared behind James. She put away her dazzling golden rapier and thrust her palm at James. A palm print emerged and struck James’ back.


A terrifying force permeated James’ body, instantly shattering his bones.

The sound of his bones breaking resounded.

James’ physical body was also severed. His flesh disintegrated, and blood splattered around the area.


James concentrated his Chaos Power and forcibly put his body back together.

Although his body was whole again, he was badly injured.

He was wounded even more severely compared to when he fought Wynton.

James’ strong will was keeping him alive. He knew Soren would definitely die if he were to be defeated now. The entire Human Race would also lose their hope to rise again.

James looked at Xezal in the distance and gripped tightly onto the Death-Celestial Sword. Despite being severely injured, James’ still emitted a powerful aura.

Xezal said calmly, “Surrender, James. I admit you’re very powerful. However, you’re too weak to fight a Caelum Acmean.”

It had not been long since the battle broke out, and it was far from a day.

James looked toward the formation that was gradually breaking down in the distance. He wiped the blood off his lips and said, “Never. I’d rather die.”

“Since you insist, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Xezal immediately appeared before James and slashed her sword at his head.

Faced with the attack, James quickly created a protective barrier.

Even though Xezal was a Caelum Acmean, she could not break James’ protective barrier with just one blow.

Xezal failed to shatter James’ barrier instantly, but her attack caused countless cracks to form in it.

Suddenly, the power of James’ barrier transformed into a formation and surrounded Xezal.

James quickly seized the chance to distance himself from the area. He fled to another area, set up a time formation, and hurriedly healed his injuries.

Xezal, on the other hand, smiled faintly at his attempt.

She raised her golden rapier and slashed the formation. Her terrifying force struck it and shattered it instantly.

Xezal glanced into the distance, where James had fled.

She approached with her rapier but found another powerful formation blocking her path.

“What a difficult opponent.”

After making a remark about James, Xezal attacked the formation.

James’ formations were unable to block Xezal for long.

Although he created countless layers of formations, Xezal easily broke through them consecutively.

She had broken through tens of thousands of formations in just an instant.

Soon, she appeared where James was treating his wounds.

Only a few minutes had passed since James began healing his wounds, but he managed to buy more time with the time formation. Although he had not completely recovered, his external injuries were healed.

When Xezal arrived, she immediately pierced her rapier through his time formation.


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