The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4436

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4436-“What do you mean?” Thea was startled.

James replied, “The formation I’ve set up isn’t powerful, but it’s very ancient. The powerhouses trapped here aren’t familiar with ancient formations, so they were caught off guard.

“However, Xezal might have a bit of understanding of ancient formations. With her strength, she is fully capable of destroying it by force. Even if she doesn’t, the powerhouses can join forces. The formation isn’t going to keep them for very long. We’ll have to strike to kill one of them before they unite to break the formation. They’ll panic after we kill one of them.”

Thea stood before James and could see the powerhouses trapped inside the formation.

“Who’s your target?”

James replied, “Gaerel, from the Ursas.”

“During the battle in the Primordial Realm, the Ursas were one of the main forces that tried to obliterate the Human Race. He’ll be the first one to pay for his sins. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can kill him, but I’ll try my best to inflict severe injuries on him to ensure he doesn’t have any

combat power for the next few thousand Epochs and can’t participate in the feud between the Human Race and Doom Race.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

James said, “You maintain the formation’s operation. I’ll exert full force into the formation to try and kill Gaerel.”


After a simple discussion, James and Thea formulated a plan.

Meanwhile, many well-known powerhouses of the Greater Realms had gathered somewhere in the Cloud Realm.

Everyone had worried expressions.

“Xezal, you need to figure out a way to break the formation.”

“We’re counting on you.”

“Back in the battle against the Human Race in the Primordial Realm, we didn’t have a Caelum Acmean. But now we do. I’m sure you’re capable of dealing with James, who hasn’t even entered the Acme Rank.”

“Even though James isn’t an Acmean yet, his attainments in the Omniscience Path are very high. He’s currently at the peak of the Eighth Stage, which is equivalent to the late stage of the Terra Acme Rank.”

“You shouldn’t be breaking our morale at a time like this.”

The powerhouses gathered and discussed a countermeasure against James.

Xezal, on the other hand, stood silently before the group of people with her weapon.

Suddenly, a bizarre black cloud that contained corrupted energy appeared in the sky.

“Watch out!”

As soon as the cloud appeared, the powerhouses quickly raised their guards.

A faint halo light appeared on the surface of Xezal’s body, forming a protective layer.

Somewhere in a holy site of the Greater Realms, there was a woman sitting in a lotus position.

The surrounding environment and scenery were pleasant. At the same time, the Empyrean Spiritual Energy was abundant.

The woman was surrounded by a circle of light, making it hard to see her face clearly.

She murmured, “He improved too fast. I’ll have to be careful not to let him destroy my clone. Otherwise, my main body will also suffer tremendously.”

The woman was Xezal’s main body, whereas her clone served as the personal maid of the Dooms’ Patriarch.

Her clone was already incredibly powerful, making one wonder how much stronger her main body was. Nobody in the Doom Race, and the Greater Realms, knew that the Xezal serving the Patriarch was just the clone of a powerhouse.

At that moment, Xezal’s clone had created a defensive layer around her body.

She was aware of the power of James’ formation and that she would be wiped out if she was not careful.

The other powerhouses around her immediately became vigilant.


Sword Energy emerged from the strange cloud.

Suddenly, thousands of Sword Energies shot toward them.


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