The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4437

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4437-Xezal’s body appeared in the sky instantly. She raised her hand and unleashed countless sigils.

The sigils spread throughout the area and instantly formed a protective barrier to block James’ Sword Energies.

As the Sword Energies struck the protective barrier, the surrounding void was shattered, and countless black holes appeared consecutively.

Seeing that Xezal had successfully blocked James’ attacks, the powerhouses inside the protective barrier sighed in relief.

A powerhouse said furiously, “We’ve been pushed into a corner.”

“We didn’t struggle as much back when trying to obliterate the Human Race in the past. But inside James’ formation, I can’t even exert my powers.”

James had controlled the formation, trying to kill Gaerel first. However, Xezal interfered and blocked the formation’s attacks.

Even though she could not break the formation, she was strong enough to neutralize the attacks.

However, Xezal knew they could not afford to waste any time. Once the formation trapping Soren was dispersed, James would immediately flee from the battle.

She began thinking of ways to break the formation.

After giving it a brief thought, she turned to the group of powerhouses and said, “I’ll set up a formation for us. I’ll need everyone to pour your strength into it. Then, I’ll use everyone’s collective power to destroy James’ formation. If we can shatter James’ formation, he won’t be a match for us.”

The only plan Xezal could think of was to use everyone’s collective strength to break James’ formation.

Since they had the advantage of numbers, their strength together was monstrous.

“Alright.” The powerhouses agreed in unison.

Xezal immediately began to set up a formation.

James watched them with a solemn expression. He knew he could no longer hide in the formation, and had to stop them.

He appeared in the void far away from Xezal in a flash.

After treating his wounds, his condition was temporarily stabilized and no longer deteriorating.

James’s body erupted with white radiance and flames, instantly enhancing his aura.

He held onto the Death-Celestial Sword and looked at the group of powerhouses in the distance.

“Haha!!!” He laughed.

Xezal spotted James and snorted coldly, “You’ve finally shown up, coward “

James smiled faintly and said, “I’m right here now. What are you going to do?”

“Hmph!” Xezal sneered again and immediately attacked. Her rapier let out a dazzling Sword Energy, charging directly at James.

James suddenly disappeared from the spot, swiftly dodging the Sword Energy.


The Sword Energy struck the area he was at a few seconds ago, and a hole immediately formed in the void.

James reappeared nearby and said smilingly, “You can’t kill me, Xezal. If you come after me, one of the powerhouses behind you will die today.”

His voice resounded through the area.

However, his taunts had no effect.

Xezal suddenly disappeared from sight and reappeared behind James.

She summoned mysterious inscriptions from her palm, allowing them to submerge into the surrounding void and form a Sealing Formation.

Xezal wanted to confine James within a formation but gave James a chance instead.

James sealed the space around Xezal, causing her movement speed to decrease.

After doing so, he rushed toward the area where the various powerhouses from the Greater Realms were gathered.

He activated the formation’s power, and a mysterious force from the Cloud Universe began to gather into a giant sword.

The sword hovered in the sky and made the Cloud Realm seem small.

The sword contained terrifying strength, and the Sword Energy emitted from it blew up a few planets into dust. Even the void was unable to withstand its power and began to collapse.


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