The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4440

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4440-James activated the formation’s power but failed to kill the powerhouses.

Although the powerhouse survived, they were terrified and did not dare to act recklessly.

Their battle temporarily came to a stalemate.

Since the group of powerhouses were not taking any action, James did the same. He began to heal his wounds wholeheartedly.

James was severely injured and wanted to continue healing his wounds so he could continue fighting them.

Meanwhile, Xezal’s main body, somewhere in the Greater Realms, gradually stood up. Her body emitted a white light, making her look like an ethereal being.

She stood up and stepped forward. Suddenly, she vanished and reappeared outside the Heaven-Eradicating Sect’s hideout.

Xezal looked at the mountains ahead and pointed her finger forward. A powerful force emerged from her fingertip and shattered the protective formation that Thea had previously set up forthem.

The senior authorities of the Heaven-Eradicating Sect were immediately alarmed and quickly gathered together on high alert.

Xezal casually waved her hand, and a powerful force swept forward.

Wyot was instantly freed from the Heaven-Eradicating Sect’s dungeon and appeared before her. He was disheveled, and his aura was weak.

Xezal looked at him and removed the seals in Wyot’s body.

The Heaven-Eradicating Sect’s powerhouses immediately panicked.

Who was the powerhouse that suddenly appeared outside their mountain gate and easily rescued Wyot?

After being freed, Wyot looked at the person before him. He could tell she was a woman, but the dazzling glow from her body prevented him from seeing her face.

He immediately knelt on the ground and said, ‘Thank you for saving me, Madam.”

The woman suddenly disappeared, but her voice resounded in the area.

“Wyot, the Greater Realm’s current condition isn’t optimistic. The humans have risen again. It’s going to be a very exciting time, and I’m looking forward to your performance.”

Her voice gradually dissipated.

The disheveled Wyot stood up from the ground. He looked toward the Heaven-Eradicating Sect’s hideout and brushed his dirty hair out of his pale face, revealing a smile.

The Greater Realms’ situation flashed through his eyes.

“Haha!” He burst out laughing. “I’ve been freed! My time to shine has come!”

Meanwhile, James, who was in the Cloud Universe’s formation, immediately sensed that Wyot was released.

‘This is bad!” James’ expression changed.

Thea also frowned after sensing the formation around the Heaven-Eradicating Sect’s hideout was broken.

“Wyot has been freed!” the two spoke simultaneously.

James looked at Thea in disbelief and said, “I’ve placed multiple seals in Wyot’s body, but a powerhouse managed to remove them instantly. Who helped him? How strong must this person be to have easily gotten rid of the seals I’ve placed on him.”

Thea replied solemnly, “I’ve no idea. Even a powerhouse like Xezal can’t break the formation you’ve set up here within a short period of time.”

“What I’ve been worried about has happened.” James was anxious.

He had a feeling that Wyot would become his biggest obstacle. However, he was unable to kill Wyot before.

Now, Wyot had escaped.

Thea asked, “What should we do now?”

James replied, “We don’t have time to deal with Wyot now. Although he has been freed, he isn’t strong enough yet. It will take some time before he becomes a threat to me and

the Human Race. For now, we must resucue Soren. After we succeed, we can easily take care of the rest.”


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