The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4441

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4441-Thea asked worriedly, “But are we capable of safely escaping with Soren?”

The power of James’ formation was limited, and he could not kill the group of powerhouses with Xezal protecting them.

Thea could sense that Xezal was not using her full strength to break the formation. A Caelum Acmean like her would not be stopped so easily by James’ formation.

“We can only take one step at a time.”

James did not have much confidence either.

Now, he could only wait to see what happens next. He would do his best to hold back the group of powerhouses if they chose to unite to break the formation.

Since they were not taking action, James continued to heal his wounds while paying attention to the formation trapping Soren.

More than half a day had passed, and the formation had dissipated significantly.

Meanwhile, an old man dressed in a gray robe suddenly appeared in the Chaos outside the Cloud Universe.

The old man had long white hair and a beard. He hovered outside the Cloud Universe and emitted a mighty aura.

A force battle had broke out in the Cloud Universe, and many worlds had been destroyed. Even the Cloud Race’s headquarters were shattered into rubble. However, a huge palace still stood firm amidst the chaos.

The palace was a forbidden area of the Cloud Race.

At that moment, a bright light began to shine from the palace.

The Cloud Race’s powerhouses immediately noticed the abnormal light. Many of them gathered and looked at the dazzling soul lamp with joy.

“Our Grand Patriarch is back!”

“He has finally returned!”

The Cloud Race’s powerhouses were about to shed tears from their excitement.

In the years without their Grand Patriarch, they had been oppressed by the other races.

Now that their Grand Patriarch had returned, they could finally make a comeback.

The old man that appeared outside of the Cloud Universe was Dalson Yiskah, one of the main culprits that had tried to wipe out the Human Race during the Primordial Realm Era. He was a peak Terra Acmean back then but was injured during the battle. Afterward, he left on a journey to improve

himself and heal his injuries.

Dalson floated in the Chaos, examining the formation surrounding the entire Cloud Universe. He stretched out his hand, and a powerful force emerged from his fingertips, striking the formation.

The formation trembled, and countless cracks formed.

James instantly suffered a backlash, spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground.

“James!” Thea immediately rushed to support him up from the ground.

“There’s a powerhouse outside trying to break the formation. I can tell he’s very powerful and has already surpassed the Terra Acme Rank.”

Thea asked, “Is it Youri?”

“No.” James released his Divine Sense, acquired Dalson’s appearance, and showed it to Thea.

Thea immediately identified him. “It’s the Cloud Race’s Grand Patriarch, Dalson Yiskah.”

James frowned slightly and asked, “The Cloud Race’s Grand Patriarch? Why is his aura so powerful? He’s much stronger than Xezal.”

Dalson, who had failed to break the formation on his first try, was astonished. He smiled and murmured, “Impressive.”

He pointed his finger at the formation and unleashed another attack.

James tried his best to reinforce the formation, but another attack had struck, and cracks began to spread throughout it.

To prevent the formation from falling apart, James even absorbed some of the damage that was dealt to the formation.

James’ injuries worsened. After a few more blows, the formation would be destroyed.

“Thea, we need to come up with something. The formation isn’t going to last much longer. We need to make a sacrifice,” James said solemnly.


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