The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4461

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4461-Jabari nodded and said, “Years ago, James ventured alone into the Greater Realms. He rose to prominence in those realms and ultimately engaged in a momentous battle in the Cloud Universe, vanquishing countless powerhouses and even rescuing Soren, the legendary powerhouse of the Human Race. He bought time for the humans.”

Sorrow appeared on Sophie’s face as he spoke of James, who had grown up almost under her watchful eyes. When he was still very weak, she was always in the Celestial Abode to assist him.

She never imagined that James would grow to such terrifying levels. Nor did she anticipate that he would perish in the Greater Realms and the Cloud Universe.

“Master, is there anything you need my help with?” Sophie asked.

Although Jabari had not officially taken her as his disciple, he had resurrected her from slumber, and she had been in his Celestial Abode ever since.

Jabari shook his head slightly and replied, “As for now, you’re only at the Quasi Acme Rank and have yet to step into the Permanence Acme Rank. It would be a death sentence if you were to engage in the battle with your current strength. Besides, I’m not even aware of the detailed battle plan. I came here to meet you and reminisce about old times.”

The two of them strolled along the main passages of the Heavenly Court, chatting about some past events.

Meanwhile, Henrik had already taken action.

With the sigil given by Thea, Henrik easily located the hidden Watchers. Since these Watchers were not very powerful, he could easily eliminate them. The task was a piece of cake to him.

He silently annihilated the Doom Race’s Watchers that were embedded in the Dark World.

The Dooms lost their eyes, and they were unaware of the current situation of the Human Race without the Watchers.

However, what Thea and Soren did not expect was that the Dooms were assembling a massive army and preparing to exterminate the Human Race.

The humans were getting ready.

The Dooms were getting ready too.

At this moment, a crack appeared in the void of a realm. It was a desolate universe within the Greater Realms. Despite its desolation, it contained the energy of heaven and earth and remnants of Path.


A copper coffin emerged from the crack, appearing in the deepest part of this universe.

The coffin swiftly swept through, absorbing all the energy of heaven and earth in its wake, including the remnants of the

Great Path of heaven and earth.

As the coffin passed through, the desolate universe instantly collapsed after losing all its power.

Inside the coffin lay a skeleton.

Thirty thousand epochs ago, this skeleton had been covered in wounds and countless cracks, but the injuries had vanished completely over the past thirty thousand epochs.

The skeleton turned peculiar. It was crystal clear, emitting a faint white light. Numerous inscriptions floated above the skeleton, surrounding it with an aura of sanctity.

The skeleton was none other than James.

Over the course of thirty thousand epochs, the copper coffin appeared in perilous locations within the Greater Realms, crazily absorbing the energy of heaven and earth as well as the power of the heaven and earth paths. The energy nurtured the skeleton.

After thirty thousand epochs, the skeleton had been refined through a thousand trials, achieving the realm of immortality. Now, no power in the world could erase this skeleton.

The coffin disappeared in a flash. After vanishing, the desolate universe collapsed. The coffin reappeared in another desolate universe, once again absorbing the energy of that universe.

At the same time, the Dooms’ armies were done assembling.

Outside the Dooms’ entrance, countless armies gathered in the distant sky, all clad in black armor, standing on the clouds with a formidable aura.

Before the main hall of the Doom Race stood a man wearing golden armor. He was Carson Dalibor, the commander leading the attack on the Human Race.


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