The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4462

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4462-In the Twelfth Universe, many powerhouses led by Thea gathered in the Heavenly Court’s main hall.

Thea was dressed in a black gown, sitting at the forefront with a hint of coldness on her beautiful face. There was an aura of aloofness around her, as if she was an icy mountain.

On the side of the main hall was Soren, once the strongest powerhouse. Even now, he remained the strongest among the Human Race, currently in the Middle of the Omniscience Path’s Ninth Stage. He had inherited and possessed a profound understanding and comprehension of the Blithe Omniscience, surpassing James’ at his peak last time.

Thea sat at the forefront as she was the chief in charge of this human expedition. Soren had no objections to this arrangement.

Below the main hall, there were many other powerhouses, including Winnie, Xainte, Jacopo, Noel, and Jabari. It was Thea’s intention to exclude the other humans from participating in this expedition. Only the Acmeans would be involved.

‘Thea, what’s your plan?” Soren asked from the side.

Thea looked at the numerous powerhouses in the main hall and stood up, saying, “It’s simple. We’ll forcefully break the formation, enter the Greater Realms, and launch a direct assault on the headquarters of the Doom Race.”

Soren frowned slightly and said, “Wouldn’t that be reckless? The Doom Race is formidable, and this will turn into an ultimate battle between the two races. Do you have confidence in victory?”

“Of course,” Thea said with determination. Currently, she had attained the Caelum Acme Rank.

While Thea and the other powerhouses were still discussing, an endless army of the Doom Race had gathered outside the Sealed Realm.

At the forefront of the army stood a man clad in armor, holding a spear. He was the commander of the Doom Race, Carson, the child of James and Yemima. Beside him was a man in a white robe.

“Father,” Carson turned to look at Wyot beside him, showing a hint of respect. “Shall we forcefully break the formation and enter?”

The formation was originally set up by the Ten Great Races, and theoretically, it required the combined efforts of all Ten Great Races to break it. However, Wyot had already entered the Boundless in the Quasi Acme Rank and then the Permanence Acme Rank, and now he had stepped into the Terra Acme Path. His strength was unfathomable, and breaking the seal was not difficult for him.

“Yes.” Wyot nodded gently and said, “Leave the breaking of the seal to me. The rest is up to you. Don’t show any mercy when faced with the humans. Kill without hesitation.”

“Alright, I’ll obey your orders,” Carson replied, his eyes filled with killing intent.

In his view, humans were the enemies of the Doom Race and the ones who killed his mother.

At the same time, Dalson was sitting inside the main hall at the headquarters of the Cloud Race in the Cloud Universe. Dalson was dressed in a green robe and sat at the forefront. He gazed into the distance, his eyes piercing through the void, observing the situation at the Sealed Realm.

“The Doom Race couldn’t wait any longer, huh?” Dalson’s expression turned serious.

Ever since the Dooms assimilated the other races, their providence had been growing stronger. However, the humans’ providence had not weakened due to James’ death.

Dalson was certain that the Human Race now had powerhouses possibly even on par with Youri and Wyot.

“Are the Dooms being too impulsive?” Dalson murmured to himself, furrowing his brow.

If he could deduce this, that meant the Dooms knew about it too. Yet, they still chose to break the seal and attack the humans. What exactly did the Dooms want to achieve?

“It seems like another bitter battle awaits us. This fight may be no less than the one we had with the Primordial Realm back in the day.”


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