The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4463

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4463-Dalson let out a faint sigh and immediately issued a command, “Spread the word. Seal off the Cloud Universe. Let the Doom Race and the Human Race fight without our intervention. We won’t get involved, no matter how chaotic the battle becomes.”

Following Dalson’s order, the Cloud Race promptly sealed off the Cloud Universe, isolating themselves and becoming mere spectators of the conflict.

The Cloud Race refrained from participating in the war.

However, the Dooms had long ago assimilated the other races. The invading army that attacked the Human Race consisted of elite warriors from various races, all of them exceptionally strong.

Wyot stood before the seal. He looked at the seal and, with a wave of his hand, conjured a mysterious power in his palm.

This was the Chaos Power converging from the Greater Paths. It was fearsome, and as it gathered in his palm, it instantly dispelled the hazy mist in the Chaotic Void, brightening the area like daylight. With a turn of his hand, a powerful palm strike fell, attacking the Sealing Formation.


As the Sealing Formation suffered the attack, a dreadful aura wave spread, and a tiny crack instantly appeared.

At the same time, within the Heavenly Court of the Human Race in the Twelfth Universe, Thea, Soren, and other powerhouses sensed it. In the distant Chaotic Void, a formidable power fluctuation was approaching.

“This isn’t good,” Soren’s face changed instantly.

“There’s a powerhouse in the Greater Realms attacking the formation. It must be the Doom Race taking action, attempting to wipe out our Human Race completely. Thea, there’s no time to hesitate. Quickly activate the birth of the New Universe, and I’ll stabilize the formation,” Soren’s body disappeared from its original position after he finished speaking.

In the next moment, he appeared at the edge of the formation seal. By now, the formation had already cracked, and another attack would make it completely collapse.

Soren immediately took action, unleashing a powerful force that poured into the formation, trying to stabilize it.

Outside the Sealed Realm, countless armies, including Carson, watched the scene. When they saw the formation crack, delight appeared on their faces.

However, in an instant, the formation restored itself.

“What’s going on?” The countless powerhouses were puzzled.

Wyot’s face was darkened, and he coldly said, “Someone is interfering with the formation to maintain it. I want to see if your power is stronger or mine.”

He vanished and appeared in the boundless void. A powerful aura surged from his body, and immense strength overflowed, stirring the Chaotic Void. He raised his hand, and the power of Greater Paths converged in his palm, forming a fearsome Chaos Power. The complete Chaos Power transformed into a column of light, directly attacking the Sealed Formation.

A crack instantly appeared on the formation, and it spread like a spiderweb, rapidly covering the entire formation.

Soren intervened to stabilize the formation. However, the formidable force permeating through the formation was too powerful. Even he was shaken, and his blood surged, causing him to involuntarily retreat into the Chaotic Void.

Cracks continued to emerge in the Chaotic Void beneath his feet. He could not suppress the turbulent blood within him and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What a formidable force.” Soren was astonished.

Although he had not attained the Caelum Acme Rank, his attainments in the Omniscience Path were incredibly advanced, he had already reached the Middle of the Ninth Stage. His physical body was invincible. Yet now, he was being shaken to the point of spitting blood. Moreover, there was even a slight injury on the surface of his physical body. Although not life-threatening, he was still wounded.

Fear surged in his heart.

“Thea, the newcomer’s strength is terrifying, and he isn’t beneath me. Quickly activate the birth of the New Universe. I

will use the Blithe Omniscience to traverse the formation to the Greater Realms and see who this intruder is,” Soren immediately communicated to Thea.

After spending these thirty thousand epochs comprehending the Blithe Omniscience, he had made great strides in understanding it. Now, passing through the formation set up jointly by the Ten Great Races to the Greater Realms was not a difficult task for him.


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