The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4475

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4475-James was unable to communicate from within the coffin as he could not seem to overcome the coffin’s restrictions at his current cultivation rank. Strangely enough, he could still unleash his powers from the inside. He was baffled by his current situation.

Then, an idea struck him. James conjured several inscription sigils spelling out his name and attempted to send them out of the coffin to tell the humans who he was. However, James noticed the inscription sigils vanished within seconds once they passed through the coffin’s lid.

‘So, I’m not allowed to use inscriptions to reveal my identity. ‘ James mused.

“Why exactly did someone put me in this copper coffin?” James gave a weary sigh.

After that, James tried to summon the Elysian Inscription that originated from the Twelfth Universe. Most human cultivators were able to read and understand the Elysian Inscription.

“I’ll do my best to protect the Human Race, even if it means sacrificing myself.”

The inscriptions did not disappear this time, and quite a number of human cultivators were able to decipher and read the Elysian Inscription.

“The Elysian Inscription from the Twelfth Universe?”

“Is the person inside that copper coffin a human? Are they from the Twelfth Universe?”

The human cultivators discussed heatedly among themselves as they studied the Elysian Inscription projected from the copper coffin. Those from the Twelfth Universe were especially fascinated.

“Have we ever made or had a copper coffin like this in the Twelfth Universe?”

“No. This copper coffin was first glimpsed outside the Sealed Realm. It originated from the Greater Realms.”

“Who’s inside that coffin?”

“Why won’t they tell us who they really are?”

While the human cultivators were trying to figure out what was inside the coffin, Dolph stared at the barrier formed by the inscription sigils with a stony gaze.

He called out in a steely voice, “In that case, I won’t hold back anymore.”

Dolph slowly raised his palm and summoned a black rapier. He clasped onto the handle tightly and teleported the next instant. In a flash, he re-appeared right before the copper coffin.

Dolph swung his arm and jabbed the rapier in the coffin’s direction. As he did so, numerous bolts of Chaos Lightning struck down from the sky towards the coffin. Each bolt of lightning was strong enough to kill a Terra Acmean.

James remained calm even in the face of such an impressive attack. He unleashed a great amount of his aura. It seeped through the coffin’s lid and slowly formed a gray, shadowy figure outside the coffin.

The silhouette stood before the copper coffin. Curiously enough, the figure appeared to be smiling faintly as it stared at Dolph.

The figure lifted its arms and unleashed the powers of the Greater Paths. In a matter of seconds, it called upon the Chaos Path and Chaos Power. These powers neutralized Dolph’s Chaos Lightning attack almost instantly.

The dark figure appeared next to Dolph at an alarming speed. Then, it threw two mighty punches at the man, disarming him and sending him flying.

Then, the figure retreated to the coffin.

‘The Chaos Power!”

“It’s the Blithe Omniscience!”

Gasps of surprise could be heard among the members of the Doom Race.


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