The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4476

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4476-All of them saw how the copper coffin had conjured the shadowy silhouette.

Not only did the figure manage to block Dolph’s attacks successfully, it also unleashed Chaos Power, the Doom Race’s signature power. In addition, it even used the Blithe Omniscience, the Human Race’s extraordinary cultivation art.

One had to fulfill strict requirements to be able to learn the Blithe Omniscience. Firstly, the cultivator must have already reached at least the Eighth Stage of the Omniscience Path to qualify. Secondly, they had to possess excellent mental fortitude.

“How is this possible?!” Youri was in a state of shock. “Wyot is the only person from the Dooms who can wield Chaos Power in its complete form! Why does the person in the copper coffin know how to wield it too? Could it be…”

Youri was instantly reminded of James Caden, the human cultivator who impersonated Wyot.

“That’s impossible!” Youri slowly shook his head. “That guy sacrificed himself during the battle in the Cloud Realm. The only thing that was left of him was his bones. We couldn’t even detect a hint of life from those bones. He couldn’t have survived that!”

Soren had a bewildered look on his face.

Tm the only one who knows how to cultivate the Blithe Omniscience. The only person I had ever taught the cultivation method to was James. Though he hadn’t fully mastered the Blithe Omniscience when I saw him last.

‘Yet, that silhouette had just performed the Blithe Omniscience just now. What exactly did I just see?’ Soren wondered.

“Is that really him?” Soren mumbled in a shaky voice.

It was close to impossible for anyone to survive after having chosen to sacrifice themselves the way James did.

“Could it really be him?” Thea muttered to herself after watching the Twelfth Universe’s situation from afar.

On the other hand, Dolph suffered severe injuries after being attacked by the dark figure. Fine cracks spread out from the spot where he was punched, and they gradually reached other parts of his body.

Dolph quickly focused his powers to stop the cracks from spreading. However, he could not help but feel slightly shaken by the shadow’s strength.

‘I just reached the Quasi Caelum Acme Rank. Yet, it managed to stop me with just one hit. The person inside the copper coffin must be a Caelum Acmean…’ Dolph theorized.

Just then, several inscriptions appeared outside the coffin. These inscriptions moved toward the Doom Race’s troops and slowly formed a word in archaic script.


As the word levitated in the air above them, the Dooms’ soldiers could not help but feel threatened. They were well aware that they were no match for the being inside the coffin after witnessing how it took down their leader, Dolph.

In just a matter of minutes, the odds shifted in favor of the Human Race as the copper coffin managed to stop the advance of the Doom Race’s armies.

At the same time, Youri and the others were still keeping watch over Soren in their universe.

“Wyot, do you think you can defeat the being inside the copper coffin?” Youri asked.

Wyot was very assured in his strength and skills. ‘Tm positive I can defeat or even kill the being inside that coffin.”

“Alright.” Youri instructed, “We’ll monitor Soren. You should destroy the coffin and find out what is in it. Kill the being inside. Once that thing is gone, we’ll be able to exterminate the humans.”


A crack formed next to Wyot immedieately. Then, he stepped through the crack and disappeared from sight.


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